Jack Gregson & the Forgotten Portal by Peter Wilson (Book Review)

Something has changed at the Gregson Manor. An evil force from the family’s past has returned to upheave their lives.
Jack and his cousins explore the family secrets as they are pulled through a portal into a universe of endless worlds and possibilities.
Together, they race to escape and destroy the evil Theorden and his followers who strive to unlock the power of the Forgotten Portal and wreak havor on Gregson Manor and the World.
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I received a complimentary copy of this book from iRead Book Tours. I voluntarily chose to read and post an honest review.
The trio from Jack Gregson & the Forgotten Portal (Jack, David, and Rosie) reminded me of Harry Potter, Ron, and Hermione. Three young adults band together to save their home, family, and friends from an evil, magical being. In both scenarios, there was a chosen one (teen) who had the power to defeat the villain. Of course, he can’t do it alone. He needed assistance. 

While there were many similarities between this book and the famous series by Rowling, Jack Gregson & the Forgotten Portal possessed its own unique features. For instance, Peter Wilson’s story had a punkey – a puppy + monkey, a mutant-looking creature. There were also portals that took you to different worlds in the universe. Could you imagine visiting a new planet every time you go on vacation?! That would be amazing!!! This feature would be a great discussion topic in a classroom. Where in the universe would you go? You could go even farther and have your students design their planet and include its features (animals, vegetation, food sources, etc.). 

Jack Gregson & the Forgotten Portal had many qualities that drew my attention and held my interest, besides those mentioned in the last paragraph. I loved the magical elements and the manor’s attic. There were so many artifacts to view in this room, each one with its own story to tell. It also had a bonus feature that you won’t see in a typical attic. (No spoilers; buy the book *smiley face*) 

What I would change?
I wish the Shadow Man’s identity weren’t so easy to figure out and so soon in the story too. 

Like I said in the opening paragraph, I do believe there are some shared traits between this story and the HP books. However, with that said, I did enjoy reading  Jack Gregson & the Forgotten Portal and recommend others read it as well. 

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Score: ❤1/2
Meet the Author:
Author Peter Wilson
Peter Wilson is an award-winning writer based in Sydney, Australia. His first novel, Jack Gregson & the Forgotten Portal has won awards internationally, in both the USA and United Kingdom, and has quickly become a favourite with young readers. Peter’s second book in his trilogy series, Jack Gregson & the Forgotten Sons, is set for release in 2021. In addition to children’s and young adult content, Peter is also interested in writing for the adult market and is currently working on a crime thriller set in his home city, Sydney.

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