Nurse Mommy by Kristyn Boland (Book Review)

Children’s Fiction (Ages 2-10),  38 pages

What does Mommy do when she leaves for work? From giving medicine to using her stethoscope, Nurse Mommy’s job is important because she helps patients get better. But what about her family back home—does Nurse Mommy really have to go to work? Nurse Mommy helps kids understand what the nurse they love is doing when they go to work at night.
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This past year has been challenging for our healthcare workers. We’ve seen them stretched thin, witnessed their anguish over the ones they’ve lost, and their sadness of not seeing their loved ones who are waiting at home. Young kids don’t quite grasp why their parent is leaving. They miss them and let you know pretty loudly (at times) how much. 

It’s often difficult to explain why a parent has to leave home or what their job entails.   In Nurse Mommy, listening to the daddy explain what mommy does when she leaves the house, how mommy misses them as much as they miss her, and how daddy is still there for the child will touch your heart. 

While doctors and nurses have stressful jobs, Nurse Mommy reminds us that the parent who stays home has a tough job as well. Vanessa Alexandre (illustrator) was able to capture every tender, heart-felt moment—quite beautifully. 

Highly recommend! 

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Score: ❤❤❤
Meet the Author:
Author Kristyn Boland

Kristyn Boland lives in Charlotte, North Carolina, with her husband, Tim, her son, Owen, and their dog, Bo. She graduated from East Carolina University College of Nursing in 2014. Kristyn started her career working in Pediatric Intensive Care and later moved to Postpartum Care, where she takes care of moms and their new babies in the hospital. When she returned to work after having her son, she wanted to find a book for her husband to read to her son at bedtime explaining where she was and why she went to work at night. When she couldn’t find one, she decided to write it herself!
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