White or Black … Grey (From the files of the BAU) by Joseph Melesh (Book Showcase)

Profilers, from the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit, uncover the disturbing legacy of a brilliant sociopath.

Agent Christopher Banks must lead his team, as they search for an UnSub, who draws his team into a case unlike any the bureau has ever dealt with.

A troubled teenage girl’s chance encounter with an opportunistic predator force the agents to dig deep, into both their playbook and their souls.

Located on a secluded property outside Evergreen Montana. His team faces a moral dilemma as abhorrent as the crime. Agent Banks and his team employ the latest technology and enter, this UnSub’s dark, twisted world. A world one of them may not escape.

What took decades to develop, the team must race to solve. The UnSub, his victims and a community that will be changed forever.

“Stop him? Shit, we didn’t even know this was happening, until —-“
“How could you? You’re federal agents, not psychics, right?” The bureau’s stress counselor says to her Tuesday afternoon appointment. “In our first session you said, “My team has never encountered a case this.’ How could you be prepared?”
“It’s our job to protect. Fidelity, bravery, integrity. It’s right there, hanging on every wall. But with that look on her face, and on all our faces, when we finally realized what we were dealing with…No matter ow hard I try, I can’t get them out of my mind. I’m numb. Each time I come in here you ask me how I feel? Well, there, that’s how I feel. I can’t sleep. When I close my eyes, there they are, every one of them. When I open my eyes, there he is.”
Stephanie, Amazon Customer, 5 stars: What a wonderful read. Joseph is an excellent author who has mind blowing creativity. I literally could not put the book down. Many meals were not prepared while I was reading this book, yet no one starved. From page 1, you are intrigued with many twists, turns and surprises. His writing is excellent, easy to read and this book will take you away from reality fast. I’m impatiently waiting on the rest of the series.
Karen, Goodreads Contributor, 4 stars: I found this to be a real page turner! If you want a suspenseful thriller along the lines of tv’s Criminal Minds on steroids, this is for you – and occasionally that’s the kind of thrill I want to give myself!
Meet the Author
Joseph Melesh is an Ontario based crime fiction writer and suspense thriller junkie. His unique writing style will quickly draw you into his world.

Tormented by his dreams, he crafts and shapes his characters. Thrusting his heroes and villains into challenges, they could never dream of. You will cry for and cheer on his victims and find yourself in shock as you find yourself feeling the pain that his villains have lived through.

Joseph’s immersive dialogue and vivid scenery, give his readers the movie theatre experience, right there in the palm of their hands.

Pretzel-like plot twists, that keep his readers guessing and incredible reveals, make his books truly hard to put down.
A true storyteller, Joseph Melesh.

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