The Haunting of Hillwood Farm by Kathryn Knight (Book Review)

After tragedy strikes, Callie Sinclair is left with a gift she never wanted—the ability to communicate with ghosts. But when a desperate widow begs for her help, she reluctantly agrees to investigate the strange occurrences at Hillwood Farm. She quickly realizes she’s dealing with a dangerous presence beyond anything she’s ever experienced, and something else becomes equally clear—the only other living person in the house, Mrs. Turner’s handsome grandson, thinks she’s a scam artist. While she’d prefer to just ignore him, her heart beats a little faster every time he’s nearby.

Luke Turner doesn’t believe in spirits. He’s moved back to restore the family farm, but living on the property serves a dual purpose—he can watch out for his grandmother. He’s not happy about the sudden appearance of a self-described psychic, or his inexplicable attraction to her. His initial suspicions crumble as evidence points to an actual haunting, but he’s still determined not to fall for Callie—the past has taught him it’s best to avoid relationships.

As Callie is drawn deeper into the mystery, she becomes the target of a vengeful spirit, and Luke can no longer fight his feelings for her. Unable to resist their desire, passion ignites…even as the paranormal activity escalates to a final deadly confrontation.

Winner ~ RONE Award – Best Paranormal 2019 ~ InD’Tale Magazine
Winner ~ Reviewer’s Choice Award 2019 ~ Paranormal Romance Guild
Winner ~ Best Romantic Suspense of 2018 ~ N.N. Light’s Book Heaven Reviews
A Top 3 Read of 2019 ~ Read
A Top 40 Paranormal Romance Pick ~ Reedsy Discovery

This title previously published in the USA TODAY Bestselling Love Under Fire Romantic Suspense Thrillers Box Set.

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(review request submitted by the author for an honest critique) 


Haunting of Hillwood Farm had two spirits: one good and one evil. 

Kathryn (the author) came right and disclosed who was the good ghost. However, she didn’t come right out and tell us who the evil ghost was until close to the end. She wanted it to be a mystery. Unfortunately, I didn’t find it challenging to piece the puzzle together. I doubt many others will be stumped either. 

Despite Haunting of Hillwood Farm predictable moments, I found it enjoyable. Chapter 21 was quite thrilling. Chapter 24 was moving… Henry’s words will touch your heart. 

I encourage others to give Haunting of Hillwood Farm a chance. It might not be overly frightening, but it does show a love that surpasses even death. 


Heart Rating System:
1 (lowest) and 5 (highest) 
Score: ❤❤

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USA TODAY Bestselling Author Kathryn Knight writes books filled with steamy romance, dangerous secrets, and haunting mysteries. Her novels are award-winning #1 Amazon and B&N Bestsellers and RomCon Reader-Rated picks. When she’s not reading or writing, Kathryn spends her time exploring abandoned places and searching for ghosts. She lives on beautiful Cape Cod with her husband, their two sons, and a number of rescued pets.




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