Fantasies Abound: Awakened Desires Book 2 by Laura M. Baird (Book Review)

Print Length: 79 pages


For the past seven years, straight-laced Sable Stephenson has been dedicated to her studies, leaving little time for pleasure. Even with graduation in sight, her drive begins to falter, so she accepts a friend’s suggestion for a carefree Spring Break to clear the cobwebs. A little dancing, a few drinks…she’d be back on track in no time. But falling for sexy club owner Tomas Mancini isn’t part of the deal. He’s fourteen years her senior and a Dom, yet he arouses fantasies she’s never even dreamed of. One night of passion turns to more, and Sable must decide if she can handle the kink in her plans for the future or if it will lead her down the perfect path.

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(review request submitted by the author for an honest critique) 


I’ve read a lot of stories that claim they are erotic but fall flat. An author creates a brief sexual encounter, basically just enough adult content so they can slap a label on it, and then he or she moves on. No more scorching heat. Just a slow simmer until the last word is written/read. 

Laura, on the other hand, created an under 100-page story which had about 97% sexual content. I’m sure this high percentage will please her buyers/readers.

Now, when Sable and Tomas weren’t engaging in dirty talk or sex play, we learned a tiny bit of who they were as a person. I appreciated these breaks because I know where they wanted it, how badly they wanted it, but not much else.

Honestly, I didn’t come away overly connected to Sable and Tomas as individuals. I can see the positives and negatives in each character. With that being said, I want to share with you one of Tomas’ positives —> He is the king of foreplay! Seriously, he could teach a class on how to please your woman. 


Word of warning….. You have a good chance… probably a 97% chance…. of being horny as hell after reading Fantasies Abound.


Heart Rating System:

1 (lowest) and 5 (highest) 

Score: ❤❤❤❤

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Print Length: 56 pages

After twenty-five years of marriage, Violet and Max agree their vanilla sex life needs a little spice. Spending their anniversary at a tropical fantasy resort just might open the door to a new love life and bring them closer together. But engaging in pleasure with another couple produces different results for each of them, and unleashed desires could do more harm than good and ruin their marriage after all.

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I’m a voracious reader myself, hoping to bring you years of joyous and thought-provoking stories filled with excitement and fun; sexy romance, laughter, and emotion. 

Hubby and I enjoy watching our grown sons walk their path into adulthood. We’re always up for an adventure, and hope to one day fill our passports with stamps from Canada, Scotland, and Fiji. 

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