Package Deal: Rhythm & Romance Book 1 by Mariposa Cruz (Book Review)

Print Length: 78 pages

Widowed attorney, Liz Grant, buries her grief in a deluge of paperwork. On whim she takes a free dance lesson at the club Eclipse where the mojitos are cold and the Salsa is hot. She falls for Salsa’s spicy rhythms and Patrick Cavanaugh’s sexy grin. But can Liz handle the dramatic change of tempo in her well-ordered life? 
Patrick has all the right moves, but struggles to keep his balance as his adult daughter spins out of control. Will their love survive off the dance floor?

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Patrick tucked the white bag at Liz’s feet, then drove up into the hills and parked overlooking an unfinished development. The whole city sparkled beneath them.

“How did you find this place?” Liz leaned against his arm outstretched against the seat.“Just driving around,” he replied. Actually he discovered the overlook during a drive to lull a cranky Bobby to sleep.

“It’s beautiful.” Her green eyes sparkled as if he had personally wrapped the city in lights for her enjoyment. Patrick leaned over and kissed her. For a few brief moments, the night became still. He was aware only of her soft mouth against his, her body crushed against his, until the sharp tapping on the window.

They blinked against the sudden glare of a flashlight and the stern gaze of a Reno police officer.

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(review request submitted by the author for an honest critique) 

Life doesn’t end with divorce or a spouse’s death. You must find a way to carry on or you’ll lose out on so much more that life has to offer. In Package Deal, readers will be reminded that you must get out there in the world and experience new things. Liz did so when she grudgingly accepted an offer to attend a dance class at the Eclipse. 

Through diaper changes, upset stomachs, outings, and family drama, she realized there’s more to life than eat, sleep, and work. She became more than a businesswoman. She found love (again).

As you read the final moments of Package Deal, I think you’ll agree with me that Mariposa Cruz did not write a solitary love story. Mariposa wrote a charming story about a closed off woman who opened up her heart again and fell in love with a wonderful man and his two adorable grandkids. 


Heart Rating System:

1 (lowest) and 5 (highest) 

Score: ❤❤❤

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Mariposa Cruz balances writing with working as a fulltime corporate paralegal. For her Mariposa Musings blog she has interviewed a variety of real life characters from romance authors to psychics. She works, writes and dances Salsa in Reno, Nevada.

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