The Last Immortal by Jenna Whittaker (Book Review)


Death was alien to them. The people of the world never knew death for as long as any could recall; yet when their world slowed on its axis, the atmosphere disintegrating, the immortals felt death for the first time.

A wasting sickness ravaged their species. The old could not fight it, and the young who survived were permanently scarred by it, unable to ever bear children. Yet when it seemed that the sickness had passed, further destruction was laid upon them; the earth shattered. What was once a whole world became a mass of small shards of land held together, barely, with never-ending chasms separating them.

But when an immortal girl appears, Kyrilee, who cannot catch the wasting sickness, she tells a tale of dreaming thousands of years past, of giving birth to a cat. Most dismiss her as mad, but some believe she is the one they have been searching for. The one who holds the key to curing the sickness, who can bring the people together once more.

Kyrilee finds that she is no immortal, but instead a mortal body with an immortal soul, constantly reincarnating throughout the ages.
When she discovers the cats, the descendants of the one she birthed in her dream, and she realises it wasn’t a dream at all. These creatures hold the key to restoring the earth. She must take this key from them before they enslave the humans.


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(review request submitted by the author for an honest critique) 

For a science fiction book, I will admit there were certain elements of The Last Immortal which fell in beautifully with the sci-fi genre: immortal women, speaking cats, portals, and soul transference.  The cats, monstrous in size, were thought of Gods because of how they made their appearance to the humans. Humans whose lives were altered dramatically due to radiation and these cats. For the humans in the story, I would have appreciated more backstory on certain people: Marissa and Avery in particular. Jenna mentioned Avery loving her and her hating him in return. No explanation. No flashbacks. Nothing. Their part in the story felt incomplete and I think an expansion of their roles would have benefited their storyline greatly. I also wondered why they were the appointed leaders of their respected groups. Maybe this can be addressed in a prequel?

Now back to the cats, whose roles were the main focal part of The Last Immortal. I didn’t quite understand the whole concept of where they came from but science fiction is the genre of WTF. Basically, the impossible made possible through imagination and Jenna sure does have one helluva imagination.

However, due to the incompleteness with character development and the all-together feel this story was a sequel instead of a first in a possible series, I must dock it stars.

(Ends with a cliffhanger.)


Heart Rating System – 1 (lowest) and 5 (highest) 

Score: ❤❤1/2

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My name is Jenna Whittaker and I am an Australian author who has been writing fantasy, science fiction, and horror novels for as long as I can remember! I love writing, my artwork, and caring for animals.














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  1. renee

    With 2.1/2 I would have to wait for another book. Is there another book that tells more.about the humans?

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