Cold Feet Fever by Maureen Fisher (Book Review)


An irresistible bad boy with commitment issues, who always takes the easy way out:

For the first time, playboy Sam Jackson has no choice but to tough it out. Turns out owning Kinki, a glitzy nightclub, isn’t as easy—or as much fun—as he’d anticipated. Someone’s trying to shut him down before he opens, he’s on the verge of bankruptcy, and his matchmaking granddaddy has hired a sexy event planner with a mysterious background, bossy disposition, and criminal ties. If Sam can’t deliver a memorable grand opening, he’ll bring his granddaddy down too, and there will be no one to blame but himself.

A determined mortician-turned-event-planner with big secrets, who will do anything escape her past:

A job as event planner for Kinki, Atlantic City’s glitzy paranormal nightclub, offers single mom, Katie Deluca, her last chance to earn enough money to flee her criminal stalker. But who knew party planning was harder than organizing funerals? Plus, the gorgeous but womanizing nightclub owner, although perfect for awakening her sensual side, couldn’t be more wrong for the stability she craves.

Forced to collaborate, they overcome obstacles and fight crime:

Sam soon realizes Katie’s the one person who can salvage Kinki—and heal his emotional wounds. Fighting their growing attraction, the couple tangles with exploding trucks, ruthless thugs, an unfortunate synchronized swimming episode, a corrupt building inspector, disappearing corpses, and the very real threat of live cremation, all to wow the vampire wannabes of Atlantic City.

(review request submitted by the author for an honest critique) 
If you’re familiar with romance books, you’ve read countless stories featuring a playboy with a heart of gold and/or a single mom who’ll do anything to ensure her child has a bright future. You’ll also recognize a theme here, which can be found in other romantic tales: Playboy doesn’t want to fall in love because love is messy – complicated. The woman vows sex without strings is what she wants because she has no interest in falling in love either. As you might’ve guessed, they fall in love. 
What you might not have read before is a heroine who happens to be an ex-mortician turned event planner. Different, right? 
“Cold Feet Fever” also featured an energetic old man, Hiram, who’s heart was as big as his appetite. A heart who had plenty of room for the ladies. Yup, he might be labeled a “senior” but he had the libido of a man half his age. 
Other cast members: I could discuss Katie’s family in detail but I think the food they dined on captured my interest more than the characters themselves. I’m a sucker for Italian cuisine. Lasagna, spaghetti, ravioli….. Mm, I’m with Sam, you can absolutely NOT go wrong with carbs. 
Speaking of Sam, you have to appreciate a man who can turn any conversation sexual and drop innuendoes without batting an eye. Well, unless you count winking. He did that on occasion. 😉
Katie: Her resolve to keep things professional didn’t last very long. In fact, she made good use of all her sex research she’s absorbed throughout her celibate years. 
Her roleplay scenario wasn’t inventive but, really, what guy would pass up the chance to have a slutty secretary ease their “tension”. 
If all that doesn’t wet your whistle, how about the promise of a fire, explosion, kidnapping, gun battle, crooked politician, some crazies, and a glimpse into “The Joy of Sex”. 
Heart Rating System – 1 (lowest) and 5 (highest) 
 Score: ❤❤❤❤

I write sassy romance with hot heroes, kick-ass heroines, tons of humor & an animal or two.

Transplanted from Scotland to Canada at the tender age of seven, I’m a voracious reader, volunteer for an addiction family counseling program, bridge player, yoga enthusiast, seeker of personal and spiritual growth, pickleball enthusiast, and infrequent but avid gourmet cook. My husband and I love to hike, bicycle, and travel. I’ve swum with sharks in the Galapagos, walked with Bushmen in the Serengeti, sampled lamb criadillas (don’t ask!!!) in Iguazu Falls, snorkeled on the Great Barrier Reef, ridden an elephant in Thailand, watched the sun rise over Machu Picchu, and bounced from Johannesburg to Cape Town on a bus called ‘Marula’.

A quote about my books: “Maureen combines action, adventure, romance, mystery, and an often LOL sense of humor in her page-turning novels. They are the perfect additions to your electronic libraries, like da rum and da coconut in your pina coladas.”

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  1. Thanks for the awesome review, Kameron. Much appreciated.

  2. Sounds like a fun book! Will add it to my TBR list.

  3. Tianna

    Mortician turned event planner, hum, very interesting

  4. I just keep adding to my list. Thank you Kam for sharing. Your going to have me in the poor house if you keep finding these great books!!!!! LOL

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