A Leap of Faith by Nell Castle (Book Review)

Desperate times call for desperate measures. 

At her core, merchandising maven Sophia Anton is an old-fashioned girl. To start a family by age 30, she’ll do what’s needed to make sparks fly with an old friend—including a crash diet. But when Sophia meets Jackson Thomas, the handsome new minister in town, she quickly finds she’s playing with fire. Sophia’s new look is working like a charm to snag the man of her dreams, so why is it Jackson’s face she sees when she closes her eyes?

Jackson, whose troubled past has led him to adopt a life of celibacy, never expects to feel hot under the collar for a woman of his own parish. How can Jackson dream of a future with Sophia after he’s shut the door on love?


(review request submitted by the author for an honest critique) 
This book is a prime example illustrating how imperfect humans are. 
In “A Leap of Faith”, Sophia attempted  to become the perfect woman for Christopher by losing an unhealthy amount of weight by basically eating like a baby bird. Why? I didn’t see his appeal. He was a man whose needs came first. I would say ‘love is blind’ but I don’t think she truly loved him and he never loved her.
I understand her desire to become a mother but haven’t we all learned a marriage is doomed to fail without love and why even consider bringing a child into that situation. 
As for Pastor Jackson, he showed an imperfection by lying when he said, “Actually, I’ve got my eye on a couple women.” He also broke the tenth commandment, Thou Shall Not Covet.  
Even though there were a few things I didn’t particularly love about A Leap of Faith, there were many areas I did enjoy very much. 
1.) Franny and Sam: They were married 50 years before he passed away and anyone could see, feel the love they had for one another. 
2.) Jackson’s lobster picnic idea for Franny and Sam was extremely sweet and romantic. He went above and beyond the duties of a minister. 
3.) This quote: “If we can send a man to the moon, how can we still let kids go to bed hungry?” I couldn’t agree more and that’s why I believe we all should do our part to make sure no one has to wonder if they are eating today. 
Nell, I can tell by your book you are a key member of your community and I’m sure they appreciate everything you do and the time you devote to others. 
And I appreciate you writing A Leap of Faith —- a book less about romance (for me) and more about helping out your fellow ‘man’ and PAYING IT FORWARD. 
Heart Rating System – 1 (lowest) and 5
Score: ❤❤❤

Nell Castle grew up in western Pennsylvania and graduated from Temple University in Philadelphia. Since then, she’s lived in Key West and Anchorage, Virginia Beach and Sarasota. She moved back to northeastern Ohio to raise her kids closer to the family homestead but looks forward to moving to a gentler climate after her youngest graduates. Until then, she revisits white powder beaches and craggy mountain tops only in her writing. She’s submitted a new manuscript to her publisher, The Wild Rose Press, and is currently at work on a novella.

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  1. Tianna

    Sounds enlightening, no one should have to change who they are for love

  2. A lesson some people take longer to learn than others do. Thanks for stopping by, Tianna!

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