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“My Father Didn’t Kill Himself by Russell Nohelty (Book Review)

Genre: (any language warnings, explicit sex or anything that might offend anyone) YA Mystery. This book deals with death, loss, and grief. There are difficult concepts to deal with and uncomfortable.


How would you cope is somebody you love committed suicide?
Delilah’s father is the greatest man she has ever known. When he commits suicide her world is shattered. She can’t eat. She can’t sleep. Her bubbly personality becomes ascorbic. All she wants is to be left alone.
When his insurance policy refuses to pay out, Delilah sets out to prove what she’s known all along: that his suicide was in fact a murder.
A story of getting over grief and learning those you idolize aren’t perfect, told in blog posts through Delilah and her best friend.
On the surface My Father Didn’t Kill Himself is a mystery book, but right below the surface is a story of how people get over grief. And not just how Delilah gets over her grief of losing the person she idolizes most in the world. Also about how a wife gets over the grief of her husband, a husband that was supposed to provide for her, but instead left her alone and destitute.
Mixed with that is the loss felt by Alex, Delilah’s best friend, in losing her best friend to the anguish of grief, watching her slip away and pull back from the world, feeling helpless.

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Posted by Delilah Clark × December 15 at 9:31 pm.

Here is what The Suicide Handbook says about drowning.

Drowning in cold water is supposed to be like going to sleep. For me, it was a nightmare.

Shivering, freezing, I sat for a minute until my body

Adjusted to the cold. Then I sunk down under the water. The cold washed over me, but my lungs were on fire. Before I could pass out my natural instincts kicked in. I couldn’t fight them. I kicked and screamed

until half the water was gone. I gasped for air. It was frightful.

I performed my experiment much like J. I laid down in the tub until my body adjusted to the temperature. Once I was acclimated, I sunk below the water. I breathed out until there were no bubbles. And I waited. It didn’t take long for the fire in my lungs to start. Soon, it was unbearable. My body thrashed around for a moment before I shot out of the water and gasped for precious air.

I wholeheartedly endorse every word J said.

On top of that I realized something.

If I died in this tub, my bowels would empty, and I would be sitting in feces-filled water until somebody found me. That is not a dignified way to die—my bowel excretion muddying the water and coating me in a fine mist of poop. They’d be scrubbing for days to get me ready for the casket.

No thank you.


Posted by Delilah Clark × December 16 at 7:22 pm.

Before every session with Dr. Bennett, Susie drives me to the cemetery and tries to coerce me into visiting my father’s grave.

I’d never been to his grave before; not since the funeral. It didn’t seem important to me.

It’s not like he’s in there anyway. Maybe his body, but not him. If he’s anywhere, he’s by my side as I try to fulfill his last wishes, not hanging out in a cemetery.

But Susie always insists on driving to the cemetery anyway. The cemetery is a weird place full of weird people. There’s this tall undertaker who seems a little too into the dead people’s families. He’s like overeager for them to buy something. His smile creeps me out. 

There’s a grave digger who has to be high on something because he moves slower than molasses. Sometimes I catch the funeral director yelling at him, as if that’s going to motivate somebody that digs graves for a living to pick up the pace. Shocker, it never worked. 

They’re not weird in a bad way though. Some of them I could like if I didn’t hate everybody on principle. There’s this guy who is always reading comic books. He introduced himself to me one day as “Roscoe. Roscoe Fay.” Like he’s James Bond or something. He just sits under this tall oak tree overlooking the cemetery and silently reads comics. I would watch him read sometimes, letting my eye catch a cool image every once and a while.

I would usually just sit there, looking out at the cemetery, until Susie gave up and drove us away. But today was different. Today, I felt a twinge in my stomach, a pang, not quite a stress baby, but maybe a stress zygote, or an unfertilized egg.

I needed to see his grave. I needed to talk to him.

Susie was ready to fight, but before she could open her big mouth I pushed out of the door and walked over to his grave.

It was weird.

For all my research on death, I had no idea how to act in a cemetery. I saw a few people crying over graves and placing flowers on them as they rehashed their day.

That isn’t me. I’m cried out.

His gravestone was simple and to the point.


Tim Clark. Devoted husband and father.

I read it over and over again. Have you ever noticed that any word you say over and over again sounds super weird? Just try saying neck two hundred times and tell me that’s not a silly word by the end?

By the eight millionth silent loop, my dad’s name sounded like an alien language. Maybe Zorgblopple, which I just made up.

“Hey dad,” I finally said. “How are you doing? Probably not so bad, right? I mean worms might be eating your insides, but at least you can’t feel how cold it is, right?”

I paused, waiting for a response from him. I felt like an idiot.

“It’s been snowing here a lot. Remember when Mom went out of town for the weekend and it rained? You always said that God was crying because he missed her. I thought that was silly, but I always think about that when it rains or snows now.”

I liked it. I liked it so much I skipped therapy and sat there most of the day. I really can’t tell you how much better than therapy it is.


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(review request submitted by the author for an honest critique)
My Father Didn’t Kill Himself discusses several touchy subjects: suicide, underage drinking, and a sex game high schoolers have conjured up using jelly bracelets. 
Fortunate for me, I have a son who’d rather stay at home and play video games than go to parties. Yes, I lucked out. However, many other parents aren’t so lucky. I firmly believe they’ll be some long talks after a parent reads this. Actually, I hope teenagers decide to speak up and discuss this book, their problems, basically whatever is on their minds, with someone — mom, dad, grandparent, etc. 
IMHO, and maybe I’m wrong, but I think opening a dialogue between caregiver and the young adult was the intent of My Father Didn’t Kill Himself. For that purpose, I think Russell nailed it. 
Despite the nature of each chapter, only one bothered me greatly — “Jenny’s Party”. As a reader, as a mom, I found this section rather disturbing. I can see the point of the chapter. Yes, parties occur and terrible acts happen at them; those punishable by law. I, for one, DID NOT like the name of the drink (too disgusting to say) and I DID NOT like how Delilah (Russell) described high school boys. As I stated above, I am a mother to an almost seventeen year old and my son is NOT 5 drinks away from forcing himself on an unconscious anyone. 
Not all boys are like that. Frankly, to say so was in extreme poor taste. 
With that rant over, I will reiterate, My Father Didn’t Kill Himself will and should make parents sit down with their child(ren) and have a great heart to heart talk. 
Heart Rating System:
1 (lowest) and 5 (highest) 
Score: ❤❤❤

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Russell Nohelty is a writer, publisher, and consultant. He is the publisher of Wannabe Press and its main author. Russell likes to write genre fiction with deep character studies. He’s sadistic with his characters, putting them in the worst situations and watching them claw their way back up, just to kick them back into the abyss. Russell started his career writing comics, and now writes novels and children’s books as well. 

Social Media Links: @russellnohelty (twitter/Instagram)

Author email address:

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Life, Love and Death: Short Stories by Cat Nicolaou (Book Review)

51mwxeieablTable of Contents

1) The Island of Bliss
2) On Fear and All!
3) On A Rainy Day
4) We Used to Talk
5) The Treehouse
6) She Only Thought I Was Dead
7) Clay Soldiers
8) High Heels, Stockings and Murder
9) The Last Kiss
10) The Nightcaller
11) A Midnight Date
12) Love Like Thorn
13) Hotel California, A Tribute
14) The Last Breath Of Winter
15) An Unexpected Meeting
16) Red Lips
17) Jack In The Box
18) Revolution Imminent
(review request submitted by the author for an honest critique) 
At 70 pages, this collection is a bargain at .99¢. Out of 18 short, creepy, weirdly fascinating tales, 10 of them can be skipped (IMHO) but, hey, you still have 8 stories worthy of every penny spent on them. 
I’m going to discuss the 5 spooky tales that I think are most memorable and worthy of a featured episode on the Twilight Zone. 
1. “Island of Bliss” – Sirens have been, and always will be, creepy as all get out! 
2. “The Treehouse” – Twisted, mysterious, with a touch of spookiness thrown in for good measure. Basically, a mighty good read!
3. “Clay Soldiers” – My momma always told me never talk to strangers and, most definitely, NEVER take anything from one. Cat gave us a frightening reason why the heck not. Good read! 
4. “The Nightcaller” – This story ended on a ominous note which bloody delighted me. No pun intended. 🙂
5. “Revolution Imminent” – Cat saved the best for last. This tale will please the readers who think technology will lead to our doom. Yeah, you know there are those out there who believe this with all their hearts. 
Heart Rating System:
1 (lowest) and 5 (highest) 
Score: ❤1/2

Cat Nicolaou lives with her family and many pets on a small island in Greece. She grew up surrounded by crystal clear blue waters and beautiful beaches. Living in such a peaceful area, she enjoys the idyllic setting around her. It is therefore not surprising that she likes to write romantic stories. Strolling by the seaside is where she gets all her inspiration. As an ever-romantic herself, she likes writing and reading stories with a happy ending, though she does torment her characters before they find a happy resolution.

Not being one of those authors who have been writing since childhood, it came as a real surprise to the people around her when she finally decided to do it. But “When Time Comes”, life has a way to show you what needs to be done and she finally realised that she had to put her stories on paper and let people know her.
The greatest joy of writing for her is seeing where the characters will take her every time she starts a story.
Besides spending time with books, she likes drinking coffee like a maniac and listening to music. She also enjoys riding her motorcycle because it makes her feel free. Do not, therefore, be surprised if her next book includes a biker.
Her debut novella “When Time Comes” was published in February 2015. A story set on the island of Rhodes where a famous rock star and an artist find love that can last forever.

Contact Info: 



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Deadly Reboot by CJ Matthew (Book Review) (CONTEST INCLUDED!!)

In honor of FLAG DAY, June 14, and all the veterans who served under OLD GLORY, CJ Matthew and I are offering a star spangled contest featuring Deadly Reboot, Paladin Group book 1. 
But before we dive into the rules to enter, first we’d like to introduce one of the prizes — Deadly Reboot. 


Still risking their lives…The Paladin Group. Ginger Odom has sworn to become self-reliant… Until she is arrested in a small town and framed for the murder of a police officer. Seems everyone in the community wants her behind bars, regardless of the truth, so her aunt enlists the help of the Paladin Group. A team of wounded former military men and woman, now civilian lawyers and investigators, they rescue people in serious trouble. Hale Peters is determined to ignore his knee injury… The former Air Force Pararescueman, wounded during a rocket attack on Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan, accepts his first reboot for Paladin. His mission—keep Ginger safe until he can prove her innocence—becomes a bigger challenge than expected when he and Ginger clash over who’s in charge. The Devil Dogs just want to help… The group of older veterans steps up to assist, but when Ginger’s life is threatened by the real killer, Hale and Ginger need to work together if they hope to stay alive.

(review request submitted by the author for an honest critique)
Despite the lack of “Who done it” in this mystery novel, I actually really enjoyed it. Why? Because of the cast…… plain and simple. 

CJ didn’t have a group of young, buff, 6-pack sporting, Dwayne Johnson look-alike, guys handling the case of “Who really shot Officer Ivey?” 
Nope, she had military veterans, men/women injured in battle working the case. Heck, the youngest man from the Devil Dog crew was 64. Heck, they even had a beagle (Grunt) getting into the thick of things. 

Favorite Devil Dog –> Hale, lead investigator. He walked with a cane and used it as a weapon, too. Oh yes, he’s still pretty badass!! 
Seriously, you couldn’t find a more diverse cast of characters. 
With that said, there is something I would change about Deadly Reboot(small gripe). I wasn’t a fan of the county and town’s name being so closely related. Erinville and Erin County. I thought a bit more imagination could’ve been used here, but really as Shakespeare once said, “What’s in a name?”
Heart Rating System – 1 (lowest) and 5 (highest) 
Score: ❤❤❤❤



Now that we’ve gotten the review out of the way, I wanna know WHO IS READY TO WIN?
Ladies and Gents, CJ is offering ONE LUCKY WINNER a spectacular
prize package. 
In it, the winner will receive the following items: One Paladin Group coffee mug, a SIGNED PAPERBACK copy of Deadly Reboot, a DR book mark, a fancy DR key chain. In addition to these wonderful prizes, CJ will also be tossing in a few Flag Day extras in celebration of the national holiday.


And guess what? This amazing contest is open to anyone; no matter
where you call home!! 
To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment below answering one of these questions.

A.) What I love about my country?
  B.) Tell us about the special veteran in your life?
C.) What branch of service (and country) do you serve or did serve?
You’ll have until Wednesday (midnight, central time) to enter. THURSDAY morning, I will post the winner’s name and attempt to message you. Please
follow the comment thread or check back on THURSDAY to see if you are the lucky recipient of this amazing prize package. 

CJ Matthew is the author of paranormal romance suspense series Dolphin Shore Shifters. Her debut novel, Blood Tide, features a pod of dolphins posing as humans that work through their oceanic conservation corporation Save Blue Water, based in Santa Barbara, California, to protect the oceans at any cost.
CJ grew up in an Air Force family that travelled all over the U.S. and around the world. She spent her high school and university years living in California, which inspired her love of marine life and the Pacific Ocean.

A member of Georgia Romance Writers (GRW) Romance Writers of America, CJ lives and writes near a lake in the woods northeast of Atlanta. When she isn’t writing or reading romances, CJ likes to travel and to spend time with her two grown children, a brilliant grandson and a feisty cat named Max.

Website Link
Amazon author page
Goodreads author page


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Thank you, Followers!!

I want to thank you, my followers, for all your support – day in and day out. You’ve shared my posts and site link with your friends and family. You’ve read my reviews, entered the contests, and purchased books from the various authors hosted each week. 
Achieving the milestone number has made this bookworm smile. 
I heart you all big time❣


♥ KAM ♥


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Chasing Rabbits by Erin Bedford (Book Review)

Alice was wrong – Wonderland wasn’t so wonderful after all. 

Kat never expected to be back in her hometown, but when house sitting turns into a mad rabbit chase, Kat finds herself with a whole new set of problems.
A two headed bird with a Game of Thrones obsession, a party full of tea addicts, and a Cheshire Cat who could seduce the pants off her grandma? And if the citizens weren’t bad enough their prince was off his rocker.

This wasn’t your run of the mill Wonderland. This was the Fae world, where rules are rules, and some things are exactly as they seem.

(review request submitted by the author for an honest critique) 
Like Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking-Glass by Lewis Carroll, you’ll encounter many unique beings in Chasing Rabbits. Example: two-headed birds, a talking wall, and a brownie. You also see some familiar names in Underworld but, trust me folks, these characters are NOT as how you remember them. 
Case in point: Caterpillar is a woman who seems to fancy both genders. Cheshire Cat reminded me of Dave Navarro (Ink Master and musician) but with a tail, and Trip (the sort of rabbit) spoke like Sméagol from the Lord of the Rings series. 
Chasing Rabbits sounds pretty damn interesting, huh?
How about if I say this all takes place in the world of Fae?
If you are familiar with them, you know their allure and the trouble interacting with them can cause.
Yeah, I think some interests have certainly been peaked. 
Oh, one final character worth mentioning —- Alice. She’s also featured in Chasing Rabbits but her role has been altered greatly. I always thought she was a snotty twit in Carroll’s tales but in Chasing Rabbits I found her to be ….. the same. 🙂 

Me and her, without a doubt, wouldn’t be bosom buddies. Heck, no one seems to be particular fond of her in Underworld. 
Wonder why? Then buy the book and gather your own opinion of her and this tale. 
Happy Reading!! 
Heart Rating System – 1 (lowest) and 5 (highest) 
Score: ❤❤❤❤1/2


Erin Bedford is a new fantasy romance author, a computer programmer by day, and a hobby hoarder. She enjoys playing RPG games alongside her husband as well as inventing nonsensical games for her daughter’s amusement. Erin lives in the Omaha Nebraska Region and dreams of one day moving where the word snow is nonexistent. Creating fantastical worlds has always been a secret passion of hers and she couldn’t imagine writing any story without some kind of lovey-dovey or smexy goodness in it.

Website ♦ Facebook ♦ Twitter ♦ Tumblr


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