Just Like That by E J Cohen (Book Review)

Alexandra Bond was content. Life was good – until it wasn’t. Her life derailed seven months ago when her husband, Walt, died of a heart attack at just forty-nine years old. Alex, forty-one, has dealt with the devastation, anger, and loneliness long enough. She’s ready to be bold and put it all out there. She’s eager to get her life back on track and the right man wouldn’t hurt. When a young hunk asks her out, she is optimistic. She soon discovers he’s quite accomplished and a well-known commodity, especially among the locals. He sweeps her off her feet and proceeds to introduce her to his sexual fantasies and games. He brings romance and laughter back into her life and turns out to be much more than she bargained for. With a quirky cast of characters including friends and family the hijinks that ensue will have you laughing and crying. 


 (review request submitted by the author’s PA for an honest critique) 
I have a few issues with Cohen’s portrayal of Alex. First, who gives a time line to date/fuck after their spouse (of two decades) passes away. I’m sorry but I find that wrong. She “talked herself into a dating ban for of minimum of six months, partly out of respect for her husband and to the shock of his passing”, but after seven months, she begins to act like a bitch in heat. 

Let me address her and Jesse……
She spots Jesse leaving her mom’s party and begs her mom to arrange for him to come back ASAP. Then after a promise of a phone call/date, she becomes frantic when she doesn’t hear from him after a couple days. 
I get horniness but come on. Is she a real woman or an adolescent child? 
Now heres comes the date……
Horniness again takes hold of her and she strips her underwear off in a restaurant bathroom, allows him to come home with him where he promptly secures her (ball gag included) and it’s her suggestion to forego a condom because she is on the pill. 
Last time I checked birth control pills don’t hinder a person from catching an STD. Hell, she’s having unprotected sex with a stranger and doesn’t care because…… again, she’s in heat after not having sex since her husband passed. 
Wow, just effin’ WOW!!!!! 

Don’t even get me started on her talking about marriage after three weeks together. Seriously, what the bloody hell! 

One last less-than-stellar comment in regards to he line thought by Alex — “Alex, you will soon marry the man of your dreams.” 

If Jesse is the man of her dreams then what the hell was Walter (her recently deceased husband)?

Yeah, I will let you ponder that for a bit. 

Positive mentions…..

Jesse is a creative man. He sure knows how to spice it up. The Officer bit was kinky with a healthy dose of hilarity thrown in. French maid prank was cute. 

Heart Rating System – 1 (lowest) and 5 (highest) 

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7 Responses to Just Like That by E J Cohen (Book Review)

  1. Anonymous

    It sounds like she needs professional help. Him too because he appears to be an enabler.

  2. Anonymous

    I foresee problems arising in their future.


  3. With a review like this, I might like to read it to see if I agree. I have a tendency to have to see for myself, especially on the negative reviews. I will not say I disagree with the reviews but I would like to see for myself!!!! What can I say I am odd like that!!!!

  4. With these reviews I think I would like to read this one for myself. Not because I do not believe it's a not so good book, but because I want to see for myself. I have always been an odd one about things like this. I will keep my eyes open for this one.

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