Held Against You by Season Vining (Book Review) (Spoilers Included)

Accused of a horrible crime and on the run, Kat has been rejected by everyone she loves. She’s a fugitive from her past, flitting from town to town with nothing but the clothes on her back. Until she meets a man who literally stops her in her tracks.

This notorious bounty hunter, with his stunning good looks and powerful instincts, never fails to capture his prey. But there’s something about his newest mark that gets under his skin–and it’s not just the naked innocence he sees in her eyes. Behind his ice cold demeanor, he has his own secrets… and now his lively, vulnerable captive is about to crack him wide open.

As they drive across the country together, neither of them can deny the spark of attraction between them. Will their journey force these two passionate opposites together…or will their dangerous secrets be too much to bear?

Kat and Samuel disproved Jack’s theory in Speed (1994 blockbuster hit), “I have to warn you, I’ve heard relationships based on intense experiences never work.” 
There’s not only worked but became stronger with each passing day. 
If she can forgive him for actually being a hitman instead of a bounty hunter, then I’m pretty sure he could do no wrong in her eyes. 
Speaking of the plot, Season delivers many twists and turns which will keep her readers highly entertained. I’m not saying certain aspects weren’t predictable. I’m only stating that I think you’ll like the ending very much. 
As for the main stars of the show, Kat was a hoot. I thoroughly enjoyed how she called Samuel a different name because he didn’t/couldn’t fess up to who he really was. But, when he did, how that scene played out, was very touching. Predictable but touching. 
My only SMALL complaint —-> The death of Boots….. It was a bit let down. His end didn’t have the wow factor I was hoping or looking for. However, for Natasha, all I can say is ……hasta la vista, BITCH!

Oh one more thing I must mention because it deserves acknowledging and because I want to end this review on a high note. 

Season, I loved all your 80’s references. Folks, if you prefer 80’s movies/tv/music to today’s hits, then you are gonna love Season and Kat. Anyone who uses Bender’s (The Breakfast Club) escape route and mentions the epic scene is my type of gal. Plus, how can you not love someone who digs Bon Jovi as much as I do. 🙂

Heart Rating System – 1 (lowest) and 5 (highest) 
Score: ❤❤❤❤ ( due to the 80’s tribute)

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