Because You Are Mine by Beth Kery (Book Review)



The moment Francesca and Ian met, the attraction was mutual, an exquisitely physical charge that ignited between them. To Ian, she was the kind of woman he couldn’t resist. She was a true innocent. To Francesca, he was the kind of man she feared and desired—dark, extreme, commanding, and forbidden. What happened between them couldn’t be ignored—only indulged, evolving into an inescapable bond.

From a private jet to an interlude in Paris, from a daring tryst in a public museum to the intimacy of a luxury hotel, Francesca and Ian come together whenever the need is aroused. But as their relationship grows more intense, Francesca discovers something about Ian—and herself—that forever changes the game and the players. It’s something they never expected, something that sends both their lives spinning deliriously out of control . . .


The similarities between this book and Fifty Shades of Grey were uncanny.
1.) Ian: billionaire, Dom, battling childhood trauma – same as Christian. 
2.) Francesca: innocent/naive virgin who engages in an “agreement” to “please” him – same as Ana.
3.) He told her upfront it was all about sex and not to fall in love. Guess what, she did. No surprise there.
4.) He didn’t sign on to fall in love with her but guess what, he does. 
5.) Both characters had play rooms.
6.) Both used their money/power to help further their woman’s career. 
7.) Similar scenes when they didn’t know the whereabouts of their woman.
I could go on but I won’t.
What I can/will say is this…… Because You Are Mine had a lot more kink. Way more!!

Heart Rating System – 1 (lowest) and 5 (highest) 

(Points deducted due to the apparent similarities to the famed book/movie listed above.)

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