Review of “Holiday Heat” – Jaci Burton and Lauren Dane

Jaci’s novella Unraveled – Book Two in Unwrapped & Unraveled
 Entrepreneur Mitch Magruder wants to buy old friend Greta Mason’s rundown motel. Greta loves the motel and intends to hang tight, despite the feelings between her and Mitch. Can a man afraid to commit and a woman bruised by the past find a love worth building a future on?
Sweet Charity by Lauren Dane. 
Eight years after a horrible one night stand, Charity and Gabriel finally find themselves in bed again. Trouble is, he thinks she’s too nice a girl to accept his darker sexual urges, so he’ll only agree to a short term fling. Gabriel’s about to find out that even sweet girls have their limits.
If you’re looking for two novellas that back a punch of oodles, upon oodles of sex, then you won’t be disappointed. Lauren’s tale even features scenes involving BDSM. And if I know my followers, I’m sure this tidbit has peaked some interest to pick it up. 
My only negative comment about “Sweet Charity” is….. I really didn’t like Charity begged Gabriel from the start to have sex with her. I know she was frustrated, sexually and emotionally, but throwing herself at him repeatedly. Yes, she’s loved him for years and knew they were meant together, but for some reason, it soured the story a bit for me. Not enough to put it down though. 😉
As for “Unraveled” – Mitch is sweet, sexy, loving, considerate, great father figure…. Hmm, he seems too perfect and after you read the love story between Mitch and Greta, you’ll understand why Jaci created him this way. Yup, no spoilers on Greta’s backstory. 🙂

Heart rating system:
1 (lowest) and 5 (highest)  
Score: ❤❤❤

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