Review of “Secret Sins” – Lora Leigh

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Sheriff Archer Tobias has watched the Callahan family struggle to find peace and acceptance in the community—despite the murders that continue to haunt them. But his darkest suspicions grow worse when Anna Corbin, a member of one of the country’s most influential families, becomes the next target…

Anna knows she’s in danger. She knows she’s on a trail of secrets and lies that could lead to a dead end. But no matter what, she’s determined to learn the identity of the killer—even if it’s someone she loves…
Torn between duty and desire, Sheriff Tobias cannot allow Anna to put herself in the path of a deranged murderer. But as the investigation pulls them closer together—and deeper into the nightmare—he realizes that he cannot save her from this legacy of blood and vengeance…without putting his own life on the line.

Whether you crack open a LL book or read it on your e-reader, there are certain things fans are accustomed to find in her stories – sexy and sexual characters, twists and turns in the plots, and oodles of intense love scenes. Once again, LL did not disappoint. Without giving away spoilers, I will say we find out more into the reasoning behind the Slasher targeting the Callahan cousins, their loved ones, and any one who’s been sexual involved with them. 

Is this the end of the Slasher? Well, I can’t very well tell you that. You’ll just have to read it and see for yourself. 
Heart rating system – 1 (lowest) and 5 (highest)
Score ❤❤❤❤

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