Author Showcase – Sable Hunter

“No, it’s not,” he countered. “Are you being nice to me because you think it’s your duty?”
To his surprise, she laughed. “Now, you sound like me. I’m being nice to you because I like you. How could a sexy hunk like yourself doubt his own appeal?”     
Zane perked up, “You think I’m a sexy hunk?”
She didn’t say anything for a moment and he could hear her putting ice in a glass and pouring something that bubbled and fizzed. When she walked up to him, he was super aware of her every movement. “You know I do. Didn’t I prove that yesterday? Hold out your hand.”
Presley was sort of taken aback by her own brazenness, but she was so hoping they could pick up where they left off. When he carefully took the glass of soda from her and sat it on the table with one hand, he used the other to quickly capture her wrist. “Yesterday was amazing and while I am worried for my friend, I need to celebrate the fact that I’m alive with you.” 
Gently he pulled her between his legs. His plan was to kiss her right on the heart or as close as he could manage without seeing his target. But to his delight, his lips found warm, bare, soft woman. My God! He had just buried his face in Presley’s luscious cleavage. “Fuck,” he whispered. “You’re naked.”
“I have on my robe, it’s just undone.” Ah! She closed her eyes and bit her lips as he licked a path between her breasts. “I didn’t think you’d notice.” 
Zane chuckled. “I noticed.” 
His legs tightened around hers, effectively trapping her between his thighs. Zane pushed her robe off her shoulders and she helped him drag it down her arms. All of that effort, and his lips never left her flesh. When his disrobing task was complete, he plumped both of her tits and pushed them together and he made himself at home kissing the valley and the upper swells. His thumbs were driving her mad, rubbing her nipples and all she could do was cradle his head and kiss his hair. “That feels so good, it makes me weak-kneed.”
“God, I love kissing you. It’s like being sat down to a feast after years of fasting.” Zane was lost in the pleasure, his face – lips, nose, cheeks – rubbed against the silk of her skin. And the pleasure of touching her body was overwhelming, he knew how she looked now as well as if he could see her with his eyes. Presley Love was beautiful and for now – she was all his.  
She wanted him. Presley wanted Zane to make love to her more than anything. Surely, he knew. Should she say something? “If you want to,” oh, lord – she was nervous. She tried again. “If it’s not too much trouble,” darn, her tongue was tied in a knot.
Zane had never been more turned on. He ran his hands all over her body, memorizing its contours and tracing her curves. There were so many places he wanted to lick and learn – “What do you want, Doll?” He knew what he wanted.  God, her back was smooth and her ass was divine. Gliding his hands over the soft swell of her hips, he felt his cock rising to the occasion. What if she wanted him to stop? God! There was no way he would survive that. “Don’t you like my touch?” The wait was killing him, but he wanted to make sure she was aroused. He dipped two fingers between her thighs and she bucked against him. God, she was wet. He spread the slick cream all around her soft pussy. “Do you want me to lick this little clit again?” 
“I love your touch.” She kneaded his shoulders, aware of his strength and power. Gathering her courage, she just said it. “I want you to make love to me so much. Will you do that? I mean not just kissing, would you. . .” that was as far as she could go.
With utter joy, Zane laughed. “You are so precious. I was trying to take it slow and woo you.”     
“Consider me wooed.” Presley squealed with delight when he picked her up by the waist and flipped her over on the bed. 


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9 Responses to Author Showcase – Sable Hunter

  1. Sable, what a great book. I urge everyone to go buy it. They wouldn't be disappointed.

  2. All of Sable's books are awesome!!! Once I start one of her books…I can't out them down!!!

  3. God that was HOT, made me wet and now I'm wanting to get fucked! Damn. CAn't use my vibrator, at least not today. LOL. Thanks for the excerpt.

  4. Sable Hunter has become one of my favourite authors!! she makes you feel every emotion her characters feel!! this book is amazing, the whole Hell Yeah series is amazing but this book has fast become my favourite, Zane and Presley belong together. this book will make you laugh, cry and get hot!!! Another brilliant book in ther series with many more to come!!!

  5. WOW!! What an awesome excerpt (wiping brow* Can't wait to get started on this Hell Yeah series.

    Thanks so much for this amazing Giveaway, Sable.

  6. You never cease to amaze me Sable! I've been waiting for Zane unfortunately he has had to take a back seat to life. Hoping next week he can make his sexy way up to the front when things have calmed a bit.

  7. This story looks amazing. Would love to win a copy of this book.

  8. I finished HELL YEAH V. Love Zane & Presley! Thanks for another outstanding story. 🙂


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