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G.E. Stills lives in the southwest with a loving wife two
dogs and a cat. He has grown children with children of their own. In his
younger years at school his teachers told him he had a vivid imagination if
they could just read his writing. His long hand was/is terrible. Tongue in
cheek, he blames it on being left handed and is very thankful for modern day
word processors. While raising and providing for his family he didn’t write for
many years. Now that his children are grown he spends much of his time in front
of his computer monitor. In his spare time he likes camping and cruising on a
nearby lake in his pleasure boat.
G.E. Stills heeds the call of the many characters that pop
into his mind and demand to have their stories put in print. Their tales are
both serious and humorous. A multi-published author his stories cover many
genres including contemporary romance, paranormal romance and science fiction. His
stories are both erotic and non-erotic in nature. G.E. is the leader of a local
writers group and in addition hosts a meeting of his own locally on fiction
writing bi-monthly.
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Genre – paranormal (vampire) erotic romance


It’s been a really bad night. First
Tess is sexually harassed by her lecherous boss and then she finds that during
her shift as a cocktail server it has snowed. Trudging through the cold she is
attacked by a mugger and knifed. She wakes to find that she is in a strange
bed, with no clothes on and wearing a collar that is chained to a wall. A
stranger sits across the room gazing at her. Things can’t get worse. Can they?
They can. Tess soon finds there really are things that go bump in the night and
Alonzo is one of those things.

Paranormal Erotic Romance


Gail is a very frightened lady. She is getting death threats over the phone and someone has been in her house while she was at work. In desperation she employs Jeff, a PI-bodyguard, for protection and to find the one or ones responsible. During the course of their first face-to-face meeting Gail informs him she is a witch. He makes light of her revelation but soon discovers she is serious in her claim.

She accuses him of being cocky but she discovers he is not just bragging. He is very good at his job. From the start they find each other mutually attractive physically and a short time later, in personality.

Despite his vow to himself to resist, Jeff finds himself more attracted to her every day they spend together. Gail, for her part, does not make his resistance easy. She torments and teases him continuously.

Despite his protection, will she be killed or will he find the ultimate source of the threats? How will he deal with it if he does?

G.E. Stills loves to hear from his readers and can be
contacted at any of these sites.   


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