Time to eat!

Courtesy of Candy Addict

Dirk and I have tried these in the bedroom and for us, we are not huge fans of the sexy, sweet lingerie. To eat through these to get to the real yummi morsel, you need patience. If you don’t have it and rip them off, candy scatters causing a sugary mess on the bedsheets. You could simply change the sheets but then again, you are still picking up broken pieces that went flying. As a mother of two, you don’t want to explain to your children why half broken pieces of candy are on the carpet. 


Courtesy of ecouterre

Another variation of edible panties is the type above. They have a licorice feel to them, but in our opinion, the taste is lacking. Some turn out to have a waxy feel to them. Imagine those Halloween lips you used to wear as a child. Now, we haven’t tried all manufacturers of the product, so maybe, someone out there has a more palette pleasing version for sale.


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