Risky Tide by CJ Matthew (Book Review)


Katie joins SBW’s exchange group still hiding a secret that could put the entire team at risk. After two exchange disasters, the team goes up against someone dumping toxic lab waste. Time has run out for Katie to conquer her demons.

Peal built his exchange team into a highly effective unit and he’ll do whatever it takes to keep it running smoothly. When Katie freezes up during a critical phase of the mission, she sets off a marine park alarm. She may be beautiful but if she keeps endangering the missions, he’ll be forced to send her back to SBW.

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 (review request submitted by the author for an honest critique) 

A plot centered around toxic waste and an assassin might seem like a heavy, non-enjoyable read but CJ added enough humor and romance to keep things light. Her aquatic catchphrases such as “cod crap”, “squid shit” and “shark shit” kept me smiling. 
The emotional retelling of Katie’s encounter with a shark will have you connecting with her character, if you weren’t already. 
Speaking of connecting to characters: I didn’t feel any emotion towards Brian, Pete, or Charles. They were just BLAH roles BUT I did heart Peal big time. He was a sweet, strong, considerate man/dolphin who knew how to romance a lady/dolphin. 
Yup, he would make most ladies dream of being Katie. Well, not this chick. That’s because I dislike the taste of lobster and those two ate it entirely way too much. Now, if I could be a dolphin and eat tacos 24-7. Ha… yeah, I don’t that would go over well in the shifter community. Guess I’ll stay human. 🙂
Heart Rating System – 1 (lowest) and 5
Score: ❤❤❤

CJ Matthew is the author of paranormal romance suspense series Dolphin Shore Shifters. Her debut novel, Blood Tide, features a pod of dolphins posing as humans that work through their oceanic conservation corporation Save Blue Water, based in Santa Barbara, California, to protect the oceans at any cost.
CJ grew up in an Air Force family that travelled all over the U.S. and around the world. She spent her high school and university years living in California, which inspired her love of marine life and the Pacific Ocean.

A member of Georgia Romance Writers (GRW) Romance Writers of America, CJ lives and writes near a lake in the woods northeast of Atlanta. When she isn’t writing or reading romances, CJ likes to travel and to spend time with her two grown children, a brilliant grandson and a feisty cat named Max.

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23 Responses to Risky Tide by CJ Matthew (Book Review)

  1. Rolmfao!!!!! A Dolphin eating tacos , only my tater !!!! And is this the sequel to that other Dolphin book we were talking about with the sounds they make when doing the naughty ??

  2. So it is the same author

  3. Hi Jennifer! Thanks for the Interest in the Dolphin Shore Shifters. At the moment, there are 3 published books. #4 is due to be released the end of March.
    The dolphin shifters do love seafood but they'll eat tacos too! lol.
    Can't wait to hear how you like the shifters!

    • I bet they are fish tacos. 🙂
      Come on, I'm right….. aren't I? 😀

    • Definitely Fish tacos!!
      Thanks for the comments Jennifer! Enjoy the Dolphin Shore Shifters and let us hear how you like them!!
      Fins up,

    • Kam! In Lethal Tide, Dolphin Shore Shifter book 4 that's in editing right now, the dolphins eat In-N-Out burgers in Long Beach, California.
      How about I add in a taco meal just for you??
      ;-p CJ

    • My hubs and son love their burgers. It was their go to place when we lived in Cali.

      Girl, heck yeah, let them order up some crunchy goodness!! You know, their server could also be named "Kam". *wink wink*

  4. Tater your too funny! And I just got the first book thanks a bunch !!!

  5. These sound good and I like shifter books so I have put them on my TBR List. I haven't read any sea shifters. I will let you know how I like them after I read one. T5hank you for sharing!!!

  6. LOL. Kam do I need to bring you taco?

    It sounds like a good series. This needs to go on MY TBR pile.

    Kam thanks for introducing us to some get authors

    • I absolutely enjoyed reading her creation and you will too. Give her a shot, babe.

      Happy reading and talk to you soon. xx

    • Good Morning from the East Coast!
      Welcome Renee!
      I'm sure Kam appreciated the taco delivery offer!
      Today I get Lethal Tide back from my editor and will sneak in a taco meal for the dolphins in honor of you-know-who! Be sure to watch for it.
      Meanwhile I'm also just beginning to write Toxic Tide, Dolphin Shore Shifters book 5 which takes place in New Jersey.
      Thanks again and hugs to Kam and all the commenters for the book-love and author support!
      Fins up!

    • Just don't have them eat at Del Taco. I ate their once and let's just say we didn't go back. Now, I do love Taco Bell and Moe's. Just sayin'

  7. It does sound like a wonderful series. I love dolphins. Y'all talking about fish tacos is crazy, though. LOL

    • Crazy in a good way, though. 🙂
      BTW: I actually love me some fish tacos. 😀

    • Hi Hebby!
      Welcome to the fun craziness!
      I love dolphins too, and in my books, I slide in little ideas about how the dolphins would want to help us protect the oceans.
      Sounds like Taco Bell will become a "dolphin drive-thru" in Lethal Tide. ;-D
      The series doesn't need to be read in order but when I "find" a new author, I always start with book 1- Pls let me know what you think of my shifters.

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