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What If…? Venom (2024-) #5 by Jeremy Holt (Comic Book Spotlight)

THE EPIC FINALE! WHAT IF…? VENOM has slithered its way through Marvel’s history, encountering some of its most recognizable places and people – but none are as badass as the host the symbiote will find in this epic series finale: MOON KNIGHT! But which identity of Moon Knight’s will the symbiote connect with? And what will their union mean for New York?!

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Meet the Author

Jeremy Holt is a non-binary author whose most recent works include Before Houdini, After Houdini, and Skip to the End. An original art page from his book After Houdini was acquired by The Houdini Museum of NYC, where it now hangs in their permanent collection. When not writing, this Mac Genius is fixing computers and getting confused for his identical triplet brothers.

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