The Beast in a Suit by Elena Kincaid (Book Review)

She’s no damsel. He’s no prince. Can their love still be strength enough to save them both?

Twenty years later, and the hole inside Emeline’s soul only got bigger, mourning the loss of her mother and brother and what could have been. A stranger comes along with changes to a career she loves, but will it be for the better and will he end up changing her, too?

Adam has been closed off to the world for nearly two decades, existing but not living. He doesn’t even realize the shell of a man he’s become until a woman he’s slowly falling for makes him examine his own reflection.

A modern twist on a classic tale filled with desire, passion, and one dangerous obsession.

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“You’re firing me?”

“Of course not,” he replied adamantly, finally turning to face her. “I meant what I said before. You’re very valuable to this company and you’ve more than proven it. I also meant it when I told you that you would do great on your own. I don’t want you to leave.” He took her hand in his. “I want nothing more than for you stay, but I don’t want to hold you hostage. That was unfair of me. Please, forgive me.”

The truth was, she had forgotten about his threat. With the way he turned the company around along with giving her his friendship, not to mention the fact that she was in love with him, she was happy there again. She hadn’t thought about quitting or about going out on her own. The fact that he remembered and was apologizing for it and even willing to let her go without any repercussions stunned her. She had already forgiven him a while ago.

She watched a sly smile form on his lips, a devilish gleam in his eye. “No one should have to work for an asshole.”

“Good thing I no longer think of you as an asshole.” She glanced down at their joined hands. “I would like to stay.”

“You would?” He sounded surprised, hopeful even, and the look on his face confirmed it when she raised her head.

“And what about you, Adam?” she asked. “Do you intend to stay?” She knew it was a premature question, given the fact that it would be some time before he could present a tempting sale, but she felt like she needed to know if he even considered the possibility of actually keeping the company and running it himself.

He reached out and toyed with a strand of her hair. “I’d gotten so used to working with soulless corporations, people who wouldn’t hesitate to stab each other in the back. I guess you can say I’m pleasantly surprised. Publishing Enchanted is more than a company. It’s a family.”

“You’re part of it now.”

“And I don’t think I want to give that up.” He let go of her hair and brushed his knuckles down her cheek. “I have too many reasons to stay.”

They were so close now, their faces mere inches apart. Emeline couldn’t even remember how they had gotten there, but now she only wanted to be closer. “Adam,” she whispered, right before he closed the final distance between them and kissed her.

His kiss was soft, tentative at first, as if gauging her reaction, but when she wrapped her arms around him, he deepened it, moaning into her mouth as their tongues finally met and entwined. Finally, she got her wish and fisted her hand in his thick locks. His hair was soft, just as she’d imagined. Even his beard was soft against her skin. And God, he was such a great kisser, exploring her mouth thoroughly, lips and tongues feverishly connecting.

It was her turn to moan when he pulled her onto his lap and his hands began to roam down her back, her arms, and skimming down the sides of her breasts. He stopped kissing her lips long enough to move down to her jaw, her neck, and then all the way down to that deep V in the center of her cleavage, eliciting another, much louder, moan from her.

She was so lost in him, she hadn’t even realized at first that they were no longer moving, had no idea when they had stopped. Adam took notice of it, too, and paused his attentions to her. They were both panting as they stared at one another, and this time it was Emeline who leaned in and kissed him. She whispered, “Stay,” against his lips, the ache inside her for him too great to be able to part with him.

He practically growled in response and the two of them poured months of longing into their next kiss.

“I’m going to devour every single inch of you,” he said.

Yes, please!

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(review request submitted by the author for an honest critique) 


Emeline and Adam met by chance at a cemetery. He found her asleep, scolded her for her foolishness sleeping out there, and then he offered her money to get cleaned up. Emeline, feeling embarrassed and foolish, declined his offering and left the cemetery. As she drove away, neither had any clue their paths would cross again so soon.

Monday morning, Emeline met the new owner of Publishing Enchanted. He was the man from the cemetery. Their first encounter was a walk in the park compared to today’s events. She was not a fan of the boss or the changes he was going to implement. She even threatened to quit. Of course, her feelings towards him and his direction for the company soon changed. Hate became like and then like morphed into love.

Whether you like or love your boss, Elena (author) pointed out being involved with a boss/co-worker never comes without drama. In Emeline and Adam’s case, drama seemed to follow them wherever they went. A coffee shop, charity ball, parking garage, no place is safe when you have a deranged stalker harassing you.

Emeline and Adam each had their chance to come to each other’s rescue in their own way. However, despite everything, feelings were hurt and blood was shed.

Despite the drama, The Beast in a Suit cut the tension with random spots of humor. The bicycle lessons were actually adorable. It reminded me of Phoebe (from the television show Friends) and the less than graceful way she rode a bike.


Before I conclude my review, I would like to discuss a couple more things.  

1.) I’m not sure I could train for a triathlon in 2 weeks. I think it’d pass out long before I ever saw the final line.  😀 

2.) I was moved by Adam’s speech regarding why he was holding a charity ball for Cancer Families. Elena (the author) was absolutely on point when she had Adam says these key lines…. 

“Cancer is like an unwelcomed guest, insinuating itself into countless lives and definitely overstaying its welcome.”

“Cancer ravages the mind and body, it incites, fear, and then it leaves devastation behind.”

“No one should have to worry about not being able to afford their medical care, or of not being able to pay their mortgage, or to put food on the table during that trying time.” 


I have a friend who is battling cancer. I know the financial burden her family is facing. Physically, mentally and emotionally, her and her family are weighed down by what cancer has brought upon them. If you have any money to spare, please donate to those in need or to any cancer research organization. Desperate families need your help. We need a cure for cancer before more lives are taken, before someone else loses a friend or family member to this terrible disease. 



Heart Rating System:

1 (lowest) and 5 (highest)

Score: ❤❤❤❤


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Elena Kincaid is an award-winning and Amazon best-selling author. She writes Paranormal and Contemporary Romances with alpha males who stop at nothing to protect their women, heroines who are anything but damsels in distress, and stories where the only love worth fighting for is the forever kind of love.

She was born in Ukraine and raised in New York, where she currently lives with her daughter. Her desk is constantly cluttered with journals, sticky notes, and torn-out pieces of paper full of ideas. When not working, Elena loves to spend time with her family, travel the globe, curl up with a good book, and catch up on her shows.



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