She Whom I Love by Tess Bowery (Book Review) (CONTEST INCLUDED)

How would you like an ARC of She Whom I Love? An erotic tale featuring love scenes with two alluring women and, at times, one very lucky beau? *winks* 
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Before you enter though, let’s check out the naughty treat up for grabs and exactly what I thought of it.
Out on December 29, 2015
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Warning: Contains a lady’s maid with secret desires, a corset-maker who knows his way around a woman’s body, and an actress who never has to fake it. Rated for adult audiences only.Love would be simpler if it came with a script.

Marguerite Ceniza dies on the London stage each night, but her own life has barely begun. The ingénue is on the prowl for a lover, but while she burns with desire for Sophie, a confession could ruin their decade-long friendship. In the meantime there are always men vying to be her patron, and square-jawed, broad-shouldered James Glover can’t help but catch her eye.

Sophie Armand has been a lady’s maid for too long, and she’s sick of keeping secrets. Her hidden scripts and the story of her birth are only the beginning. Her nights are haunted by desperate thoughts of the beguiling Marguerite, and of James, the handsome tradesman who whispers promises of forever into her ear.

James has the kind of problem a lot of men would kill for—two women, both beautiful, both sensual, and both willing. Sophie wants marriage, while Marguerite’s only in it for fun, and choosing between them isn’t easy.

What’s the worst that could happen if he secretly courts them both?

Their romantic triangle is complicated in the most delicious way, until a shadowy figure from Marguerite’s past threatens to destroy the budding relationship—and their lives.

—–> REVIEW <—-
(request submitted by author for an honest critique) 
Now this was a hot erotic tale. Two ladies, best of friends, take the plunge and take their friendship to the next level. Let me tell you what folks, that monumental turning point was HOT, HOT, HOT. 
It was tastefully erotic. 
If that first love scene wasn’t exhilarating enough, James enters the picture. 
You see, he was courting both woman (one as a wife, the other his mistress) and, unbeknownst to him, they were lovers. 
Instead of yelling and throwing things, Meg came up with a deliciously wicked act of revenge. Bound him to a chair while he has to suffer and watch them make love in front of him. I know the guys reading this will agree that was the purest torture imaginable. I tip my hat to you, Tess!!
As with any story, you expect drama and Tess delivers that as well (insert the villain Baron here).  

The lovers do quarrel (as expected) but when they need each other, love prevails. I mean, you can’t have a true love story without a HEA. Right? 🙂
Heart Rating System – 1 (lowest) and 5 (highest) 
Score: ❤❤❤❤1/2
Out on December 29, 2015
Preorder now at Amazon


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  1. Mac

    Congrats on the upcoming release!

  2. Oh this sounds right up my alley. Corsets and hidden desires, oooooh yeah! Sounds wicked and hot!

  3. Sounds like a good book

  4. That sounds awesome and delicious 🙂

  5. Looks like a great read

  6. James

    Tell me he didn't suffer from blue balls long?

  7. Congratulations Skadi Bella, you won!!!

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