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Madison: The Tale of a Corgi with no Tail by Susan Erickson Catucci (Book Review)


Yesterday was just a typical day in the life of little Madison, a Corgi who lives with her family in a little blue house. She considers herself to be one of the luckiest animals within her world – even if she has to share the little blue house with Whiskers, a cat who tends to be grouchy and awfully prickly most of the time. But today, everything has changed! Madison has discovered she is not like the other animals around her. She is missing something and she needs to know why.


And she hopes to find the answer.

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Meet the real Madison!


I received a complimentary copy of this book from Reedsy Discovery. I voluntarily chose to read and post an honest review.


I don’t always read the dedication page, but I’m glad I didn’t skip over it today. It had a real-life photo of Madison, and the corgi is adorable! 

I acknowledge that I am unfamiliar with all the dog breeds, but I am acquainted with corgis. They appear to be jolly dogs. In Madison: The Tale of a Corgi with no Tail, the pup starts all smiles until they realize they have no tail. 

Madison goes on a mission to ask other animals why they have a tail. Each animal Madison meets is a teaching moment. For the wee ones, it helps teaches animal names. Maybe you could incorporate animal sounds too. For the slighter older listener, it teaches the function of different tails. For example, kids will learn about an opossum using its tail to hang from a branch and protect its young while they nap. 

Madison heads home down because they do not have a tail. They think they are unlucky; however, Whiskers the cat tells them how lucky they are not to have one. The illustrations of poor Whiskers with his mouth stretched wide in an AHHHH moment will make your child laugh. 

Madison might not have a tail, but that’s okay. Dogs are loads of fun, with or without a tale!

While my daughter loved all the photos, she cracked up at the last image. She said, “Look at the dog’s big butt.” Her laughter brought a smile to my face. 

Madison: The Tale of a Corgi with no Tail held my daughter’s attention from beginning to end, and if you are a parent, you know that’s a sign of a well-crafted book. I encourage others to share this book with their youngsters. Also, show them pictures of the dearly departed Queen’s famous corgi companions. 

Review submitted to Reedsy on 9/13/22


Heart Rating System:
1 (lowest) and 5 (highest) 
Score: ❤❤❤

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Meet the Author

I have loved reading and writing all my life, second only to art, especially illustrations. My co-author Susan Permuy was the real Madison’s mom and together we have brought her to life in order to share a valuable life lesson. My main focus is mindfulness and well being for children.

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