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Detective Buster Cuffs: Catching the Treat Snatcher by Liana Somerset (Book Review)

Join Detective Buster Cuffs on a thrilling adventure as he faces his most challenging case yet in ‘Catching the Treat Snatcher’.

When the doggy treats mysteriously vanish in Pawchester, the clever canine detective sets out to unravel the puzzling crime. With his keen senses and tenacious spirit, Buster follows clues, questions suspects, and navigates hidden tunnels to uncover the truth. Will he be able to solve the mystery and restore peace to the town? Find out in this delightful tale of friendship, redemption, and the joy of sharing treats.

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I received a complimentary copy of this book from Reedsy Discovery. I voluntarily chose to read and post an honest review.


Detective Buster Cuffs uses his keen sense of smell, spectacular doggie intuition, and unbeatable observation skills to keep everyone in the small town of Pawchester safe. No case was too big or small for the dapper-looking dog dressed to the nines in an old-fashioned detective attire: suit, tie, and fedora. Today’s investigation leads him on the hunt for the doggy treat bandit. Detective Buster Cuffs takes readers with him as he sniffs out clues in the park, along the shore, and underwater. 

When Buster discovers paw prints, it sends him on the hunt for Trouble Whisker, a wide-eyed, black cat with a sweet tooth. Did the feline nab the canine’s yummy treats, or was the real culprit still on the loose? That’s a question for readers to solve as they work the case with Buster.

Detective Buster Cuffs: Catching the Treat Snatcher is a fun, interactive storybook with stupendous illustrations and unforgettable character names: Nutty Rascal, Inspector Frosty Bones, Gully Peeper, Flair White, and the ones already mentioned. I adored Trouble Whisker’s expressive face as they were caught with their scrumptious snacks. Inspector Frosty Bones was a handsome pooch in his dark blue trench coat and matching fedora. Gully Peeper stole the show with their adorable head tilt and smile. Nutty Rascal was also cute in his plaid shirt. 

Join Detective Buster Cuffs on a thrilling adventure as he sifts through clues to discover who stole the puppies’ treats. And stick around after the case’s conclusion for bonus material: a competition for all aspiring detectives with rules and three puzzle questions. Once your child figures out the puzzles and submits their answers (direct link or email), they will automatically be entered into the Detective Buster Cuffs’ Club with the chance to receive a free Top Secret Detective Kit. What a fantastic prize and incentive to carry on their sleuthing skills! Good luck to all that enter!

Detective Buster Cuffs: Catching the Treat Snatcher’s recommended reading age is 4-8.

Heart Rating System:
1 (lowest) and 5 (highest)

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Meet the Author

Liana recently embarked on an exciting new journey as a writer, weaving imaginative tales that captivate young hearts. Her stories reflect her deep appreciation for the imaginative world of children. Liana is based in the UK and currently working on her new Detective Buster Cuffs series.

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