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Girls Cuddling

After a final read through of “Dreams Really Do Come True” (F/F), I decided to go ahead and send it in for critique. I personally think it’s hot, but I’m biased. Dirk loved it, but again, he’s biased too. I will keep you updated when I hear news. Cross fingers for me it gets picked up for a contract. 

PS: This story is a tad shorter than my others. Where they were 6,000 words, this one will be roughly 5,200. However, even though it is rather shorter, I don’t believe it’s lacking in heat. Of course, only time will tell if others agree. Again, cross fingers for me! 



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  1. I would be more then happy to volunteer my services as a test reader. ūüėÄ I have no doubt it lacks in heat.

  2. Thank you for the kind offer. Much love.

  3. ^crossing fingers & toes*

    Can't wait to read it!!

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