Season of Strangers by Kat Martin (Book Review)

Dedicated, driven real estate agent Julie Ferris is enjoying a day at the beach with her sister Laura when a strange, almost undetectable charge fills the air. Then, under the hot Malibu sun, time stops altogether.

Neither sister can explain their “lost day” —nor the blinding headaches and horrific nightmares that follow—but Julie chalks it up to the stress she’s been under since her boss’s son took over Donovan Real Estate.

Patrick Donovan would be a real catch if not for his notorious playboy lifestyle and matching attitude. But when a cocaine-fueled heart attack nearly kills him, Patrick makes an astonishingly fast—and peculiar—recovery. Julie barely recognizes the newly sober Patrick as the same man she once struggled to resist. Maybe it’s the strange beach experience fueling her paranoia, but she can’t help sensing something isn’t…right.

As Julie’s feelings for Patrick intensify, she’s about to discover how that day at the beach links her newfound happiness with her wildest suspicions..

—–> Review <—–
As a comic book lover, I find nothing wrong with a human falling in love with an alien. Hello, Superman rocks! However, when I found this book in the grocery store, I didn’t realize it was sci-fi. The summary doesn’t elude to it being one. But with that aside, I still didn’t find myself enjoying this book as much as I hoped I would (based on the blurb).  
For me, I think it’s rather creepy that…..Two sisters get abducted by aliens and get probed. Very thoroughly, I might add. Ugh!
The older sister, Julie, does fall in love with the alien scientist. Of course, at first, she has no clue he’s merged, taken over, Donovan’s lifeless shell. The same alien who had her probed on the ship later does some “probing” of his own —- human style. *laughing* 
But Donovan, or Val (depending who he is at the time), does show more humanity than his “human” counterpart. He does become a better “Donovan” than the actual “Donovan”. 
Man, reading that last line back sounds kind of creepy. 
Are you intrigued even a little?
If you answered yes, then scroll below and click on the purchase links I provided for you. 🙂 
Heart Rating System – 1 (lowest) and 5 (highest) 
Score: ❤1/2
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