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What If…? Venom (2024-) #1 and #2 by Jeremy Holt (2 Comic Book Spotlight)

BLACK BLANK VARIANT COVER ALSO AVAILABLE Years ago, in a familiar church tower, the Venom symbiote was spurned by Peter Parker and found a willing host in the vengeful and wrathful Eddie Brock! Or, at least, that’s the story you know! From rising stars JEREMY HOLT (MARVEL’S VOICES: SPIDER-VERSE) and JESÚS HERVÁS (MARVEL: UNLEASHED) comes an ALL-NEW look at what makes the Marvel Universe’s most sinister symbiote tick, with a journey that reimagines its earliest days bonded to a host with a rage and temper ENTIRELY different from those of Eddie Brock!

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THEY’RE THE BEST THERE IS AT WHAT THEY DO! And what they do is eat the hell out of your brain before slicing you to ribbons with six adamantium claws! WOLVERINE! VENOM! ‘Nuff said!

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Meet the Author

Jeremy Holt is a non-binary author whose most recent works include Before Houdini, After Houdini, and Skip to the End. An original art page from his book After Houdini was acquired by The Houdini Museum of NYC, where it now hangs in their permanent collection. When not writing, this Mac Genius is fixing computers and getting confused for his identical triplet brothers.

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