About Me: Services

A few years ago, I was like you… a writer, happily typing away on my keyboard. 

I loved it, but I found I enjoyed reading more. I loved departing and setting sail on whatever journey you, the author, penned for me to read. 

Today, my blog is dedicated to your creations. 

At Kam’s Place, you’ll discover books by some well-known authors and several who are trying to get their foot through the door of the literary world. 

This is where I come in…..

AUTHORS: Contact me to schedule a feature on a new or old release or arrange to be interviewed (done online).  

I also host contests.

Oh, and don’t forget, reviews are my specialty.  (NO CHARGE!!) 


Review Submission Information

For stories under 300 pages, I will accept MOBI (or PRC) files. However, due to migraines, any book over 300 pages must be submitted in print.
PMB address is available for interested parties. 🙂
Thank you!
(Word of caution: To keep your assigned spot on my blog, the book(s) must be submitted no later than one month prior to your feature date. If this timeframe won’t work with your schedule, lets discuss options. Thanks!) 
However, do not contact me if you write about any of the following:
  • pedophilia
  • bestiality
  • necrophilia
  • rape for arousal
  • scat
  • incest
  • urine play

I also DO NOT support or promote stories containing bigotry, racism or hate speech. 

 ~~ Disclaimer ~~
All reviews are my unbiased feelings I have pertaining to the book being showcased. Sorry to say but not all reviews will score a perfect 5 hearts. Please keep this in mind when submitting a story for my critique. 
Also, if you send in a request (no matter the score), the review will be shared on my site, Amazon, Pinterest, Goodreads, and Facebook. It will remain up unless the site owners remove it. 

Remember all reviews are completely FREE!! 

If you’re looking for a proofreader, then look no further. I’m your gal.  However, my services for this are not free. 
Proofreading Information / Fees:
Please be advised, I am not an editor. I am a proofreader; therefore, the ARC you send me should be fully edited. I will do my best to catch anything you or your editor missed. 
Basic punctuations errors: word omission, comma usage, quotations, minor spelling, etc.

If you want an overall synopsis of the book, a review for your eyes only, there will be an additional $5 charge. I will tell you what I thought worked, what didn’t and what I would’ve changed. 
You get all of this for ONE READ THROUGH.  If you would like a second proof completed, a second fee will be charged.      
Pricing – (collected through PayPal) 
(Basic fees for one proofread – minus critique)
$5 for 0-5000 words
$10 for 5001 – 10,000 words
$15 for 10,001 – 15,000 words
$20 for 15,001 to 20,000 words
and so forth. 
Second proofread at an additional charge. 
**Side note: As a thank you for hiring me, I will showcase the book I proofread for FREE.**
Author Showcase:
If you’re in the market to promote a new or old release, schedule an interview or partake in a giveaway, then please send me a message. 

There’s a small fee of $5 (payable through PayPal) per book and/or option mentioned above. 
Example: interview $5, giveaway $5, and/or showcase $5.

(Word of caution: To keep your assigned spot on my blog, your information must be submitted no later than one week prior to your feature date. Thanks!) 


Any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!! 

In regards to the images posted, I will do my best to link over to the site/source from which they are borrowed. In cases where no source is sited, I will leave it blank. However, if anyone knows the source for me to credit, please supply me the information. I will gladly update the blog post and give credit where credit is due.