Author Showcase – TL Reeve

Did you hear the spectacular news? 
TL Reeve has a new book coming out!
Scroll down for the unveiling of the fantastically designed book cover, blurb, and a teasing excerpt to wet your whistle. 
(Sorry, TL had no purchase links readily available for me at this time.) 

Sabine Babineaux, daughter to the mayor of New Orleans and waitress at The Three Princesses bar, has her life upended after a late night at work. Kidnapped, Sabine is determined to escape, but once she’s free her fight has only just begun.

Stuart Renwick and Kyle Novak, detectives with New Orleans police department, are assigned a kidnapping case with multiple victims. However, when one of the missing women, Sabine Babineaux, is practically dropped in their lap, everything they know about being detectives is tossed by the wayside.
Now, in a race against time to find out who the kidnapper is, and prevent anyone else being snatched, Sabine, Stuart, and Kyle must work together.
Sparks fly, between the three of them, but will it be their downfall?
With someone watching them, tragedy strikes when they least expect it. Will Sabine survive long enough to explore her feelings for both detectives? Or will Stuart and Kyle fall at the hand of her kidnapper?

   The cab came to a stop
some time later and she sat up. The world spun on its axis. The sound of bees
buzzing filled her ears as she broke out in a cold sweat and she began to shake
violently. Sabine tried in vain to make her body cooperate with her, but it was
a no go. Her brain was muddled and nothing made sense anymore. Not even her
body would oblige her and move. “Where am I?” Sabine whispered, licking her

lady is right here,” the cabbie said, opening the door. “She bleeding and
wearing next to nothing.”
A thread of embarrassment slid through
but as quickly as it was there, it was gone. “Help me,” she croaked. The world
around her was slowly floating away.
matter how much she tried to keep her eyes open, she couldn’t gather the
strength needed to do so.
“I…can’t…go…back.” Unconsciousness, blissful yet scary, drifted
around her, cradling her into a void of nothingness.
“No you
don’t, sweetheart.” A gruff voice called to her, drawing her out of the
darkness. “Come back to us.”
eyes fluttered open, then shut again. She didn’t want to open her eyes. The
darkness was safe.  It was comfortable
there. There was no pain. No cages. Freedom lurked in the darkness.
is on the way,” another male said. His voice was an octave higher than the
penetrating baritone of the first man. “It’s our kidnapping victim.”
Congratulations, you win the booby prize.
it is,” person one said. “When did you say that ambulance would be here?” In
the distance she could hear the warble of noise. Finally she could sleep. “Hey
now.” The man’s rough palm patted her cheek. “Wake up, sweetheart. Stay with
groaned and turned away from him.
both through and throughs, Stuart, and she’s lost a good amount of blood.”
So man
one did have a name. Stuart. His name was both sexy and bold, invoking
delicious images of the man holding her hand. When did he take my hand? How come I can’t remember how I got here?
it,” he cursed. “If they don’t hurry their asses up, we’re going to lose our
victim. Call them back Kyle and tell them to double time it.”
Kyle. His name was just as
delectable as Stuart’s. I wonder what he
looks like.
A part of her was using anything she could think of to stay
right there, even though she could feel the darkness surrounding her.
groaned as she was jostled around. The prick of a needle in her arm caused her
to whimper. “Stop.” With a weak gesture she tried to push them away and a hand
appeared in hers, squeezing it.
gave me a scare girl,” Stuart said close to her ear. “Stay with Kyle and I.
Don’t try going anywhere again.” What was
he talking about?
“Is she ready?”
we’re loading her up now. Are you following?”
half listened to the conversation around her, trying to stay with Stuart like
he asked her to do.
riding with you. My partner will give you the escort.” The soft cushion she lay
on lifted up momentarily, jostling her around, then slid into something. In no
time they were rolling. “Sabine, we’re going to get you fixed up. I promise.”
muttered something and a sharp burning sensation raced up her arm, then
everything inside of her mellowed out, relaxing her completely. Oh hell yeah, that’s the good stuff.
Instead of fighting the darkness she went with it. It was light and peaceful.
The pain that radiated through her whole body relented and she could finally
breathe without feeling as though her chest was being squeezed to death. Just a little nap and then I’ll tell them
The heavy darkness wrapped its tendrils around her and she fell
into the deepest sleep she’d had in weeks.

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