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Hello My name is Clair de Lune and I am on Dirk and Kam’s blog today to tell you a little about my new release “A Shock for Master Angus.”
My first book was “Initiation.” In it Jane met Master Angus and they fell for each other. She knew little of the BDSM lifestyle, merely what she had read in her e-books. She went to Prometheus in Chains, a BDSM club in Sheffield in the north of  England . Master Angus wasn’t looking for a sub, but he fell for Jane on sight. In “Learning to Live with her Master,” Jane has recovered from her depression after the death of her first husband, and has to come to terms with her own feisty nature and the expectations of a loving Dom. They are back in “A Shock for Master Angus.” They have worked out a way of living together and are happier than ever when a letter from someone in his past life gives Master Angus a real jolt. How does he cope and can he keep Jane? The answers are in the new Prometheus in Chains novel.

Story excerpt ~
in the club at the subs’ tea, Lennox watched her from across the room. She sat
in a group of other subs. They chatted and laughed, and she sat and smiled and
joined in the conversation. What had Angus seen in her? She wasn’t young. She
was passably pretty but nothing special. So why had he fallen so hard for her?
She looked up and saw Lennox regarding her, and smiled at him. Her whole face
lit up. She was transformed before his eyes. Yes, he could see why a man like
Angus would fall. She beckoned. He stood up and walked over to her.
I’m Lennox Greene.”
Jane Scott. You’re new here aren’t you?”
so nice to meet you, Jane. Yes, I am. It’s the first time I’ve been to the
club. Angel suggested I come to a subs’ tea to get to know people.”
you know Angel well then?”
wouldn’t say I know him well. I work with him. I’ve just got a job in Parkgate
you from Sheffield?”
I’ve lived here in Shiregreen all my life. What about you?”
“Me, too.
Do you like the club?”
I’m not sure about BDSM yet, but this club looks to be an excellent place to
it’s very safe. You’ll be able to explore without risking yourself.”
you like BDSM?”
my husband is a Dom, so yes I do.”
you been a member long?”
a couple of years.”
you go to other clubs first?”
This was the first club I came to. I liked it, and I met my husband here.
Forgive me, but have we met before? You remind me of someone.”
I don’t think so. I’m sure I would have remembered you if we’d met.”
how nice to see you. Come on over and say hello to your grandson,” Gloria
called to her.
is your grandson?” Lennox asked.
Gloria is my next-door neighbour. I’m his honorary grandma.”
hugged Gloria and accepted the little bundle she was handed. Rhys was a
blue-eyed, black-haired, carbon-copy of his father, Llewellyn, who Angel had
introduced him to earlier. His little mouth puckered into a smile as Jane
tickled his cheek, kissed him, and cuddled him close.
sure he’s grown, and it’s only a couple of days since I saw him.”
laughed happily. “He eats like a horse and has an appetite like Master’s. I
expect he’s going to be a big man.”
as you know, Lennox, is the Dom in charge of training at Prometheus in Chains.
He’s very strict in the training of Doms and subs but a pleasant companion, and
he dotes on his slave, Gloria, and now his baby son. Gloria lives with him in a
twenty-four seven D/s relationship. But I’m forgetting my manners. Gloria,
love, this is Lennox Greene. This is his first visit to Prometheus in Chains.
He works with Angel.”
this is Gloria, Master Llewellyn’s slave. You will meet him in the club as he’s
in charge of training Doms and subs. This is their son, Rhys.”
to meet you, Gloria and Rhys. Angel introduced me to Master Llewellyn,
to meet you, too, Lennox. Do you like what you’ve seen?”
I do.”
was just asking him if we’d met. He reminds me of someone,” Jane said, cuddling
Rhys close into her arms and raining butterfly kisses on the top of his head
and his face, to his delight. “Rhys is as charming as his dad.”
but he has a loud wail if he’s hungry.”
As if
on cue, Rhys’s small face puckered up and a loud wail rent the air. It seemed
far too loud for such a small baby.
is he?” Jane passed him back to Gloria, who collected him and went off to
change him. On her return, she seated herself on the sofa by Jane and proceeded
to breast feed her infant. Lennox felt uncomfortable, and it must have shown.
see a lot more than that in the club. Best get used to nudity, or you are going
to be more than uncomfortable.”
 “Yes, it’s just… Oh I don’t know. It’s a natural
process but not one I’m familiar with.”
have no family then?”
not in a relationship at the moment,” Lennox said and could not help the
wistful tone in his voice.
* * * *
did understand. Lennox was maybe looking for a partner and thought the club was
a good place to find someone. She smiled reminiscently. It had worked for her
and her Master, Angus, who was part owner of the club. Master Prometheus, who
was the other partner and managed the club, sometimes grumbled that he seemed
to be running a marriage agency rather than a BDSM club. He couldn’t complain
as he’d found his own wife-to-be, Jenny, in the club. It did seem as if there
was something in the air in the club. No it wasn’t that. It was the people
involved in the club that made it what it was. They cared about each other and
helped out when they could. Now it seemed as if they had a new young person to
take under their wing. She hoped that they would be able to help him to find
happiness. She was so happy herself and liked nothing better than to see those
around her as contented as she was. Now if I could only rid myself of the
idea that I know Lennox Greene from somewhere.
Adult Excerpt
Two small hands cupped his face and a soft mouth closed over his.
“Love me, Lennox,” she whispered. He held her to him. Softly and
gently she kissed him and he returned her caress. His tongue stroked over hers,
and suddenly the gentleness turned to urgency. She rolled over on her back, and
spread her legs invitingly.
“Fuck me, Lennox. Hard, and fast, and deep is what we need.” Lennox
scrabbled in the drawer for a condom, and as he fumbled in his haste she took
the foil packet from him, opened it, and rolled the condom over his throbbing
dick. Gratefully he sank into her, she wrapped her legs around him, resting her
feet on his buttocks, and he began to ride her hard and fast. He sank his whole
length into her, and angled his cock so that it stroked over her G-spot. She
moaned in encouragement, and clenched her pussy muscles around him. He was taking
his weight on his hands, and he felt her slip her fingers down between them,
and furiously rub her clit. His long, deep strokes, delivered with all the
force of his muscular hips and legs, moved her whole body. Soon he felt the
familiar electric tingles, and he knew that she was close too as she panted and
continued to rub. She cried out as she came, and tipped him over the edge. His
hot, copious release erupted from his cock as waves of intense pleasure flowed
over him. Her legs flopped back on the bed, and for long minutes he couldn’t
move. Resting on his hands, his head lowered, and his heart hammered, and he
struggled for breath. Slowly his heart beat returned to normal, and his
softening cock slipped out of her cunt. Reluctantly she let him go, and smiled
up at him sleepily. He got up, cleaned her and then himself. By the time he got
back into bed beside her he realised that she was fast asleep. He took her in
his arms, and closed his eyes too. As he drifted off to sleep he knew that this
was what he wanted in his future and wondered if she was of the same mind.
Thank you once again, Kam and Dirk, for
inviting my onto your blog. It’s always a pleasure to be here. I look forward
to seeing you on mine with your next release. 

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