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JC Wells grew up in southern California with two loving parents who constantly used the phrase: “If we spend 1 minute in your head, we will be admitted into a mental institution! How does your mind work?!” Using the talents she gained from years of schooling, she has grown into a writer that spans across different genres. Recently, JC has been accepted for a Masters Program in Creative Writing, where she will be expanding her talents even further. Aside from the student side of her, she is an advocat for LGBTQ rights and an obsessor of the paranormal community. JC spends time away from the computer in haunted houses, hanging out with gay best friends and fighting for their rights, as wells as researching all kinds of paranormal stories. And if that weren’t enough, she loves to be under the creative talents of a tattoo needle, using body art as personal story she wants to tell.

“I want to write something that touches people. If they can put my story down and have a moment of ‘oooooh’ then I have done what I set out to do.”

Her dreams span across the globe. She dreams of becoming a famous published author, as well as a highly sought out publishing agent. JC hopes that you’ll take a chance on the stories she has to offer.

JC also writes paranormal romance books as Jacqueline Croft on Amazon, her Domina Noctis series available.

Genre – contemporary romance/erotica

Dateless, Sam still expects her best friend’s New Year’s Eve wedding to go without a hitch. The one magical night a year has other ideas, and they come in the form of Eric Christianson.

Eric has everything—money, looks, and the title “High Roller.” When he coaxes the beautiful Sam into one night of passion, sparks fly and revelations become clear.

Bets are made, everything is a gamble. When chances rest on pure luck, the jackpot is in reach… will they double or walk away with nothing?

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Book Summary~

Rayce is one of four Matik Masters, a wolf destined to take the role of Pack Master once his father steps down from the throne, but a centuries old war with the Belarus pack has left Rayce cold, dominant, and wicked; love never an ultimate ending for him. In order to end the war, he is suddenly introduced to La’el, future Pack Master for the Belarus pack and… his intended mate.

La’el is uncertain of their destiny. Pure, innocent, and never one eager to find himself in bed with a male, La’el is suddenly thrust into a mated relationship with the harsh Rayce. He doesn’t foresee love or kindness coming from the male, but through the wicked, black stare of Rayce’s eyes, La’el sees something that even the dominant Pack Master does not – the possibility of love.

The first moment they set eyes on each other there is a spark of heat. But, when it becomes clear that, in order to save the werewolf packs, flesh must be shared, will La’el run and leave Rayce without a mate or will he stay and take a chance on a new beginning that he never expected he craved.

Book Summary~

Enrick longs to be like the moon–unbound of rules and carefree but a violent past has left this werewolf cold and cruel. He makes a vow: He will never take a permanent submissive mate to please his dark dominant nature.

Submissive Kai is unwilling to let Enrick, a male who cares for nothing and no one, slip from his future. In a twist of fate, an opportunity presents itself. Willing to sacrifice his own pack, Kai seduces his way into an eternity of unbound pleasure.

Together, they embark on an emotional journey that will leave the deepest, most passionate scars any testament of love can.

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