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I love to write romance. My heroes are the stuff dreams are made of. They are strong, powerful, romantic, handsome – – sigh. Most of the time the heroines melt at first glance, but occasionally one of my girls will balk and have to be seduced. Now, I have a brother – a rascally brother who is very popular with the ladies, so I asked him for some of his pointers on seduction – and I DID NOT GET WHAT I WANTED! Instead of hearts and flowers, I got mastodon wrestling! Here’s how our conversation went. . . . .   


Sable: So, Jess, as you know, my character, Lucas Dane in “Finding Dandi” messes up and has to work to get back on Dandi’s good side. I worked hard to paint a picture of a man intent on wooing his lady love back into his arms. During college you brought home at least two dozen girls to meet me, so I thought we would talk about the courting process. You don’t mind answering a few questions for me and our readers, do you? 

Jess: Not at all. 

Sable: Well, you seem to do ok with women, what can you tell us about the art of seduction? 

Jess: That’s a real vague question, Sis. How long did it take you to come up with that one?

Sable: Hush! Seriously!

Jess: Ok. Seduction is a lot like a game, a game to which most people (mostly guys) do not know the rules. Women have more of a natural sense about it, so guys kind of need to be initiated into it. Sometimes a father, big brother, or some slicked-up, online guru, is the passer of the torch, and a lot of guys, sadly, simply never get it at all.

Sable: What ARE the rules?

Jess: That’ll be $200.

Sable: Come on, Jess!!

Jess: I could get really technical, but I don’t want to sound cold or mechanical about such an intimate issue. From what I’ve discovered, it’s all about value.

Sable: Like bang for your buck?

Jess: Thank you, as usual, for thinking in the gutter.

Sable: No problem. 😀

Jess: Your value is a number that someone subconsciously assigns you in terms of your likelihood to survive and replicate. For example, in the paleolithic era, the man that could stab and wrestle down a mastodon the easiest had the highest survival and replication value, and thus, all the women would mate with him, spreading his genes and not the ones of the man that could not feed them.

Sable: Jess, this is decidedly un-sexy. Get to something juicy.

Jess: Patience; I’ll make it applicable. Today, needless to say, mastodon-wrestling ability is not at the top of a woman’s list of characteristics she is looking for in her Mr. Right. But there are a lot of things that are; women want a prince, a warrior, a movie star. They want someone who can survive (well) and protect his children (well). The things that make a man’s perceived survival and replication value are income, competence, wisdom, fitness, social intelligence, commanding presence, popularity, etc. There are literally thousands of possible factors that influence what value the woman assigns to the man, but whatever value that is, is decided quickly, probably within seconds of speaking to the man, and she has no idea she is doing it. Do you know what it is called when a woman perceives a man as having a suitable high value factor?

Sable: I don’t know, some science-y word that the readers don’t want to know about?


Sable: Oh, I like that.

Jess: I figured you would.

Sable: This still isn’t what I wanted from you.

Jess: I know, but it’s on its way. I promise.

Sable: It better be.

Jess: Anyway, seduction is all about displaying a high value to the woman. The higher his value is in her perception, the more attraction she will feel to him. Lucas Dane is your book is an expert in sex. He earns his living helping couples and individuals with an issue standing between them and complete sexual satisfaction. He, more so than most, is going to be excellent at displaying value to sexually attract a woman.

Sable: This is better. Keep going.

Jess: The ways that Lucas displays his value are varied. He uses his body, which is very capable. There is no explanation needed why a muscular, lean body tells a woman subconsciously that he can survive and replicate well. Dane is showing his means to her, indirectly and never bragging, of course. It is fairly obvious to her that he has more than enough money to care for her and children, and has the personality, ambition and determination to match. The big things that Dane does are comfort-building.

Sable: Using personal experience as an example?

Jess: I never kiss and tell.

Sable: Come on…

Jess: No.

Sable: Fine. Continue.

Jess: He does little things that show care, compassion, confidence, and competence. He gives her a massage, which not only puts her at ease, it makes her become accustomed to his touch, it shows that he knows how to make her feel safe and relaxed, and his skill at it implies pre-selection which is like crack for women.

Sable: Like crack, huh?

Jess: Yes. 

Sable: Confident about that?

Jess: Yes.

Sable: Ok…

Jess: Everything that Lucas does is pampering to her. He makes sure she is happy every step of the way. Another huge thing he does is he makes it obvious to her that he is seeking out her pleasure instead of his own. It’s pretty valuable to a woman that a man wants to pleasure her.

Sable: You’re telling me.

Jess: Calm yourself there. 

Sable: So you are saying that most men don’t know how this stuff works?

Jess: Yes, I am saying that.

Sable: So how do all these babies get born?

Jess: A guy who understands attraction is rare. That is why he is special. If every guy could create the feeling of comfort, power and interest that drive women crazy, then no woman would ever feel that their man is relatively valuable, and thus that attraction would die. The simple answer is: most relationships aren’t perfect.

Sable: You’re depressing us. I think we should wrap this up. Do you have any other words of wisdom that will kill all of our dreams and hopes of finding a perfect guy?

Jess: You already know. You write about it in every book. You know what you want. You know what most women want. That’s why your books sell as many copies as they do. You know what Mr. Perfect looks like and you do a great job of showing him off in your stories. The point of this interview was, I believe, to give y’all an inside glance into the mind of men as they go about the seduction process. I showed you that there are guys out there that put a lot of thought into how they can woo and seduce their woman. Hold out for your hero. He’s coming. Don’t settle. Your dreams will come true. In the interim, read more of Sable’s books. They will keep your hope alive.

Sable: Aww. Thanks, Jess.

Jess: Whatever.
HA! How do I put up with him?  If you have any questions or comments, please email me at

Excerpt ~

After a quick shower, Dandi readied herself for bed. She turned back the silky sheet, crawling inside. Once she was there, she realized that she hadn’t shut the door. She could see Lucas, plainly. He was sitting in the wide leather chair, staring into the flames. Bowing his head, he ruffled his hair and sighed. He looked sad and alone.  
Her room was in darkness, he couldn’t see her, but he looked up – right at her. The same feeling of longing and desperation that she felt was mirrored in his eyes. Dandi felt like a giant clock was ticking. He might get up and move any second. It was now or never. Slipping from the bed, she padded across the floor. When she emerged from the darkness – he saw her and his eyes blazed with a flame that had nothing to do with the firelight they reflected. Lucas didn’t say a word, he waited.
Boldly, Dandi came to him and without saying a word, she went into his arms. 
“What’s wrong?” He made a place for her, cradling her against his body. 
“I want to try again, if you would like to.”
“Try again?” He awaited her answer, his sanity hinged on what she would say.
“Would you give me another chance? Would you make love to me?” Dandi knew he was all she had ever wanted in a man. She couldn’t blame him for her mistakes. Lucas was handsome, hard-working, kind and sexy as hell. And he was here – now. Tomorrow would take care of itself.
Relief flooded his whole soul and body. “Thank God,” he stood and carried her back to the bed. Tenderly, he placed her on the mattress. “I want to see you.” He flipped on the bed side lamp. “Have you been crying?”
“No,” she brushed tears from her eyes. “I’m just excited and unsure.”
“Unsure of me wanting you or unsure you should come to me?” Stripping off his clothes, he tossed them to the right and to the left.
“My wanting you is a given, and this time I will show how beautiful lovemaking can be. I promise.” His voice vibrated with emotion and need. 
“I trust you, Lucas.” 
“You are just so damned beautiful my teeth ache.” Stretching out beside her, he brushed her tears away with a gentle finger and kissed her solemnly on each eyelid. “Thank you for giving me a second chance.”
“It’s my second chance, too.” She rolled over to face him; they were both lying on their sides.          
“I love being with you, Dandi.” 
His phrasing, the first two words – ‘I love’– had nearly given her a stroke. She would have given anything in the world if he could love her.     
“The reality of being with you like this, just takes my breath away. I fell under your spell the first moment I saw your face, it was just meant to be.”
Dandi couldn’t believe what he was saying. What should her response be? “When I saw you out in the club watching me, I felt the most irresistible urge to run to you. It was like I had been waiting for you.” Had she said too much? 
“I wish you had, it would have saved us both some time.” 
Wrapping her arms around his neck, she pressed her face into the hard muscle of his shoulder. “We’re together tonight, that’s all that matters.” 
 “You are all that matters.” Burying his face in the softness of her hair, he inhaled Dandi’s scent – baby powder and honey. He’d never forget it. She smelled like love to him. 
She quivered with joy when he nuzzled her neck. 
“Let’s get this gown off of you. I want to feel every inch of your soft skin on mine.”
She sat up and he skimmed it off of her. “Turn around and let me see your back.” Dandi felt cherished. With no inhibitions, she sat before him unclothed. “It looks better.” Sliding a hand under her hair, he moved it over her shoulder. Dandi felt a light touch – one finger – skim down her spine. God, then his lips followed the same path. “Lay down, Baby.” When she did, he kissed every ridge and every mark. He was healing her body and her spirit with love.
“I still may not be very good at this, you know.”
“You let me worry about that, I won’t fail you a second time.” He eased her over on her back and lay down beside her, his big body half covering hers. With the tips of his fingers, he soothed the curve of her shoulder and the swell of her breast. “Dandi, you’re my Angel.” 
“I don’t want to be . . .”
“Don’t say that,” Lucas placed heated kisses on her cheek and neck. “Put Romero and that hell out of your mind. If anyone in the world is worthy to be called an Angel, it’s you.”
“I need you,” she couldn’t think of anything more appropriate to say. Her heart felt like it was about to burst. ‘Steady – steady’, she told herself. Her breath was coming in short pants; she couldn’t bear to disappoint him again.    
Lucas stared at her, so afraid she would disappear. “You’re almost too beautiful to be real.” He lifted his head and placed his lips against hers. Her mouth was so soft – tender and inviting. “Kiss me, Dandi.”
Dandi surrendered to him. Opening her mouth, she gave him permission to invade and conquer. But he didn’t – instead he tempted and tantalized – enticed and seduced. As his kiss worshiped her mouth, Dandi realized he was putting her first. With everything in him, Lucas was showing her she mattered. When she felt his hand on her waist, fitting his body to hers, she became aware of how aroused he was – how big – and she hesitated. But only for a moment. She was virgin no longer. There would be no barrier to their passion. So, she let her tongue dance with his – she even nipped his lip in her excitement. 
“Oh yeah, that’s my girl,” he praised her.
Dandi wanted more. She wanted it all. Cupping his jaw, she pulled her lips from his and kissed his chin and cheek and brow. “I can’t believe I’m here with you like this.” 
“Believe it, it’s real. I was so afraid you would never allow me to make love to you again.”
“I’m sorry I waited so long. I wasted too much of our time, we only have a couple more days.” She wove her fingers in his long, soft hair. She loved how it felt; she loved how it looked – like strands of pure gold. “You are so perfect.” With awe she caressed his body – his wide shoulders, his bulging biceps, the pads of his pecs and the flat ridge of his abs. Was this man hers to love, for a time; hers to please, for a season? If he was, then Dandi, of all women, was blessed. 
Lucas wasn’t rushing; he was going to take his time if it killed him. “I want you on top,” he rolled to his back and took her with him. “I can see you better this way.” 
“I know,” she held her hands up as if to cover her breasts.
“Please don’t,” he caught her wrists. “Looking at you is like seeing sunshine for the first time. You’re glorious.” He felt her tremble in his grasp. “Are you nervous?”
“A little.”
“You don’t have to be, you know. I will never, ever hurt you again.”
His promise seemed like a gospel had been proclaimed. And she believed.
His big hands settled on her thighs and he began to caress her soft skin. “I love the way you look. You’re golden, it’s like you have a tan all the time.”
“Creole,” she explained. 
“Perfect, everything about you is perfect.”
The pads of his fingers made caressing circles on the sensitive skin of her thighs. Dandi became aware her vulnerable, warm sex was splayed over his bare, hard stomach. “I’m wet.” She tried to scoot off of him.
“Yes, you are.” He cupped her bare bottom. “Don’t you dare move an inch.” His appreciation was thrilling. Despite her apprehension, Dandi felt her tits begin to swell. Her nipples grew firm and her areolas blossomed. “Let’s see if I can make you hungry.”
Dandi didn’t know exactly what he meant, but she would soon find out. He cupped both breasts and began to lift them and play with them. Lucas palmed her tits and rubbed her nipples between his fingers. A sizzling electric pleasure throbbed in the stiff peaks and the place between her legs began to pulse.  “Hmmm, Lucas, please,” she whispered.
“I intend to please you. Nothing else will do.” Lucas stared at the softness between her legs, a downy patch of sable curls. This time he would not rush, he would appreciate every facet of her beauty. So with focused intent, he set out to drive them both insane with desire. 
“My God, Lucas!” Dandi whimpered as he pulled at her nipples, setting a rhythm that directly corresponded to the throb in her clit. Helplessly, her hips began to move. She knew she would undoubtedly leave traces of her arousal on his flesh. Heat suffused her skin – partly from embarrassment and partly from sheer pleasure. 
“Feel good?”
“Oh, yes.”
“Look into my eyes,” he prompted. 
She locked her gaze with his. One hand left her breast and skimmed over her stomach on its way – lower. “Yes,” she sighed as he parted her folds and lightly caressed the swollen nubbin of her sex. Dandi gasped. Covering the hand that toyed with her breast – Dandi trapped it there, so afraid he would stop.
Lucas chuckled. “See, this is what I should have done before, drive you mindless with need.” He continued to touch her, relishing the ecstasy on her face. It was no hardship. Sliding his fingers up and down her slit, he spread the cream of her arousal, knowing that she would soon welcome him inside of her.     
Dandi was amazed. She had never known it could be like this. When he sat up suddenly, she gasped. The hard muscles of his stomach gave welcome pressure against her sensitive clit. Framing her face, he ate at her lips. “God, I am so damn lucky.” Pulling her back with him, he held the kiss as he rolled her over till they lay – her on bottom, him on top. Lucas covered her, sheltering her – making her feel both safe and more vulnerable than ever before. She spread her legs in welcome.
“No, not yet – I’m not near through. We’re doing this right.” He lowered his head and kissed her again – devouring her. Then he slid down and kissed her neck and shoulders, nibbling at the sensitive skin covering her collarbone. With determined ardor, he loved on her breasts, suckling at her tits till she was bucking beneath him. 
“Lucas!” she sobbed as he tongued the tips, licked at the thrusting peaks, then opened his mouth wide and drew as much of her breast into his mouth as he could – drawing hard on silky firm flesh. “Yes!” she cried out as a climax shook her.
“Damn,” Lucas muttered – totally entranced. “I want you to do that again.”

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My author page is:
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I’ll gladly give away a copy of any one of my books to 2 winners if you’ll tell me what the most romantic thing a man ever did for you besides wrestle a mastodon. I’ll let Mr. Romance pick the winners.

(Contest will run until Monday, Midnight/Central Time. Winners will be announced Tuesday. Best of luck to all that enter!)


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32 Responses to Author Showcase / Interview and Giveaway Offer – Sable Hunter

  1. I think I needed more coffee before reading all that stuff Jess was talking about. Ha!

    I've read Dandi and I loved it.

    Good job, Sable!

  2. My husband… proposing to me at the top of the Sears Tower!! It was an awesome day!!!!

  3. The most romantic thing would be my husband getting me a snowflake necklace for Christmas. The snowflake was covered it blue topaz ( my birthstone, my birthday is 1 week before Christmas) and Diamonds ( his birthstone)….Winter and snow is my favorite time and we are stuck living in sunny and hot Florida. I desperately miss the snow, but now have my necklace…

  4. Emma Fitzgerald

    Great interview Sable & Jess! You both sounded like my brother & I when we bicker! 🙂

    My man proposed to me on a deserted beach at sunset. He had the walkway lit with solar powered twinkle lights and a picnic of my favourite foods waiting for us.

  5. I loved this, yall are so great together. In my 38 years of marriage there is no one particular romantic thing my husband did. It is a compilation of things. Yes he buys me flowers and gifts, but first of all he loves me and married me and gave me 4 wonderful children. He has always worked and provided us with a safe and happy home. We have taken many vacations during our marriage. Now, for our honeymoon, we had to move our horse, yes I know!! We had him stabled at one place and he had to be moved and we could only do it during this time so that is what we did. I am telling you this because last year, he took me on a 6 week vacation to visit MY family that lives out of state (California, Washington and Colorado) and I hadn't seen in a long time. And even though we brought my parents along, because we don't know how much longer they would be able to go on these trips as they are getting up in age, he called it our 2nd honeymoon. So yes, he gave me all I ever wanted, his heart and love.

  6. Marie Lisk

    I have to say the most romantic thing was he gave me a weekend free. I had breakfast in bed, he took care of the kids without once asking me for something. This was very scary, but he did great. I even had control of the remote and did not have to watch sports all day on Sunday. Marie

  7. I was once told that his lifestyle would not allow him to be in a commited relationship. He rather not have me mourn his loss so we can just be friends with benefits. I respected his honesty and let's just say in the next two years his occupation became legal, I had a ring and three kids were birthed over the last 11 years. I asked him what changed his reply, " I kept it real with you and you accepted that with a plan to make me yours regardless. Your want for better out of me made me want that for myself. Plus your sex was the bomb". I love my honey…

  8. The first thing that came to mind was when I guy I was seeing decided to surprise me & sing me a song that made him think about me when he heard it. Simple but so sweet and romantic! <3 Loved the conversation Sable & Jess! Can't wait to read all the Cajun Spice series!


  9. Great blog! Great perspective on the male side. Made alot of sends!

  10. What a great chat, guys :)) Thanks for sharing and for the long excerpt!

  11. Loved the interview. Ya'll sound like my brother and I when we get together. I have read Finding Dandi…and For a Hero. Loved them. I can't wait till another book comes out. Thank you for the books you have written.

  12. Great interview…its hard to think of one spur of the moment, hmmm to that mean my hubby is not romantic…I guess I can go with the first date since it started with a home cooked meal and hour long back massage.

  13. Bertie Welck

    Great interview, romantic thing, let me see after 53 years every day is still romantic, so can't pick just one.

  14. After 38 years of marriage I still love his humour! Example..this morning my daughter asked him what he was fixing us for supper..he answered. .you like air..gotta love him ♥

  15. I so enjoy the banter between Sable and Jess. As far as being romantic my man will be the first to tell you he doesn't have a romantic bone in this body and I would agree with him, however the one time he tried I think it worked because it came from a guy who can't for the life of him figure out what the word romantic even means much less how to go about doing it.
    One Valentines day while he was at work (he worked nights)the guys were discussing what they were getting their better halves and asked him what he was doing. I could just picture his blank look because he never did anything special for Valentines day, hell he figured if he remembered the day to say Happy Valentines Day he was good. So anyway they made him feel like he needed to do something more. I worked days and he would have already left when I got home. So on Valentines day I drive into our garage after I got off work and park my car I can see in front of my car a white freezer paper banner strung across the wall and he had wrote I <3 you Happy V day (he couldn't spell valentine). It tickled me so much I burst out laughing and ran inside to call him immediately to tell him I loved it. He told the guys what he did and they just shook their head and grumbled "Damn, that would have got us in the doghouse and your woman goes and love it" which I did because it was so spontaneous and for a man who can't express himself he did just that.

  16. Love the excerpt. Can't wait to buy the book. Thanks for writing so well.

  17. Pat

    After 44 years of marriage and six children later, I can honestly say my man may not be romantic, but he is the most considerate human being I have ever known. I never have to worry about carrying heavy packages. He always walks on the outside closest to the roadside. He opens doors, washes dishes, does the laundry, in other words he doesn't wait to be asked, if he sees something that needs to be done and I'm busy elsewhere, he pitches right in. He's a better cook than I am because he will experiment, I follow recipes. A happy relationship requires both parties to give 100% of themselves to making it work. Sable I love your stories. You write your characters so real I can identify with them. I am almost done the Hell, Yeah series and then I will move on to the Cajuns. Thank you for lots of quality time reading. My hubby likes it when I read hot love scenes.:)

  18. PER JESS, Winners are Marie Lisk and Allie Mae – who he called Ellie May everywhere! Ha, he has been watching too many episodes of the Beverly Hillbillies. I apologize.

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