Review of “Her Angela & Protection” – Ray Sostre

When Angela Critelli lets Vivienne Perkins move in to her place, she’d never expect the woman of her dreams. Vivienne’s a wonderful cook and home-maker, a perfect companion, and her best friend since high school; the only problem is her sexuality. Angela knew Vivienne was married to an ungrateful husband that never appreciated her, but she also discovered something questionable about her sexuality. Vivienne’s affection may be leading her on, but does she want to be with her?


(request submitted by the author for an honest critique) 
First, I want to thank Ray for extending me the invitation to voice my opinion on his erotic tale. I must admit this was the first story I read by him and once finished, I found things I liked about it and some sections that gave me pause. Of course, I’m sure we’ve all been in this predicament once or twice. 
Let’s start with those instances that baffled me. 
I didn’t understand how the title related to the story besides the following line, “Vivienne smiled, pushing a wisp of Angela’s hair back. “Let’s go… I always wanted my Angela and protection.” I read that section more than once and the line appeared disjointed from the story. Two other things seemed unclear. Viv all of a sudden loving Angie in that way. Did that mean she was silently harboring feelings for Angie over the years? Since they have been friends since HS, wouldn’t Angie tell her friend she dated women? Since it wasn’t addressed who Angie dated, I’m assuming either Angie didn’t date women or just didn’t date them openly. 
Now for the POSITIVES —-

I loved their ying/yang relationship. Opposites really do attract. Oh and the masturbation scene, priceless! No doubt many of you reading this have been caught petting the kitty or stroking your pecker. 

 On a final note, after speaking to Ray, I want to relay a bit of info. This is only the beginning for them. Yup, that means a series! Which means, everything I posted as “negatives” might get answered. *nudges Ray and winks*

Heart rating system – 1 (lowest) and 5 (highest) 


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  1. Thank you for your true, honest thoughts on the story, and I know it's just the begining on how the two ended falling in love, but I promise the sequel to explain more in depth about the characters. It's something that I want my readers to know more about the characters, from where they came from and where they'll end up.

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