Author Showcase – Dellani Oakes

Dellani Oakes doesn’t
claim to be an expert on anything, but she has a lot of experience making
something out of nothing. Thrown into the world of publishing four years ago,
she found that trying to promote her work was the hardest part of being an
author. Since then, she’s branched out, lost her inhibitions and faced the
publishing world head on.
Dellani once told her
publisher that she had enough books, finished & unfinished, to keep him
busy for the next 10 years. He didn’t believe her, but he should have. Two
novels, Indian Summer and Lone Wolf are published by Second Wind
Publishing, but she has 42 finished romance novels and at least that many (she
won’t count them) that are still in the works.
One of the 42, a romantic suspense, The Ninja Tattoo, came
out September 24th from Tirgearr
Publishing. The sequel to Lone Wolf, Shakazhan, is coming soon from
Second Wind.
Dellani Oakes is a
former A.P. English teacher, photo-journalist. She’s an avid reader &
reviews the work of others. She hosts two shows for the Red River Radio Network
– Dellani’s Tea Time the second Monday of each month, @ 4:00 PM Eastern and
What’s Write for Me, every fourth Wednesday @ 3:00 PM Eastern on Blog Talk

Indian Summer – In the spring of 1739, Gabriella Deza stands poised on the verge of womanhood. A product of her guarded upbringing, she is naive in the ways of love until dashing Manuel Enriques declares his love for her. By accident, Gabriella uncovers the plot of British spy. Manuel embarks on a dangerous mission save the town from being overthrown by the British. Gabriella herself is caught in trap.


       There was a nagging feeling of dread
rising in my mind. I felt hot then cold all over as if I were taking sick
again. I had the feeling that Manuel needed me, something was horribly,
terribly wrong. I couldn’t suppress it, for it seared my soul. My dreams nagged
my thoughts, causing shivers of dread down my spine.
saying a word to anyone, I wended my way as quickly and quietly to the door as
I could. It was hardly more than three minutes
after Manuel left, and yet he was nowhere in sight. He must have taken
his buggy. Having no such vehicle available to me, I ran to the fortress with
as much speed as I could muster. I was grateful to Grand-mère for the dress as
it provided more mobility than any of my other outfits would have.
       The hair rose on my arms as if I were
cold, my breath came in shuddering gasps and yet I ran until I thought my lungs
would burst. It was then I saw it, a flicker, a flame and suddenly the entire
southeast bastion of the fort seemed to be on fire!
against it, I saw a man. My dream came rushing back of an instant and I knew it
to be James the spy! I couldn’t contain my anger.
It drove me onward, compelling me to be hasty, chiding my slowness.
Anger burned within me, hot and fierce as the signal fire before me, filling me
with a fury driving away my fear.
       I finally reached the gate, passing the
ladies and the buggy without fully noticing. I saw no sign of Manuel, James or
anyone else. In fact,
the postern gate was open and unguarded, just as in my dream! I stifled the
shriek I felt rising in my throat. Fear gripped me, cold unreasoning fear.
Dread of ghosts of dead soldiers floated through my mind, making me shiver
the first time in my life, I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t think or make
any decision. I stood there stupidly, gaping at the sight in front of me,
riveted to the spot. That was my undoing. Stealthily out of the shadows, James
was upon me. He grabbed me in his strong arms, holding me to him, using me as a
shield, a gun pointed at my head!
involuntary scream ripped from my throat! James chided me, goaded me on,
pulling my hair, waving the gun before me!
ahead and scream, lass. Scream for all you’re worth! It will bring him to me.
I’ve waited, plotted, planned for this moment. Before the sun rises, he’ll be
dead and you, my lass, you will be mine!”
planted a rough, brutal kiss on my cheek, nipping my ear, causing me to scream
again. I writhed away from him, but he held me fast. He shifted his hold upon
me, crushing me against his pelvis. I could feel the lust in him. It disgusted
and terrified me. He seemed to feed off my fear, growing more bold.
it, that’s it! He’ll be here any minute that upstart Spanish bastard!”
was turning around from side to side, holding me in front of him, pulling my
hair to keep me on my feet, for I was near to fainting. A shadow moved
stealthily toward us. I hoped James had not seen. Perhaps I only hoped so much
that it was Manuel, I imagined it. But no, I heard a pistol being cocked and
knew James heard it to. From our left, Manuel emerged quietly from the shadows,
pistol in hand.
       The light from the signal fire threw
wavering shadows and highlights over his face, making him look demonic, his
handsome face contorted into an unyielding mask of cold rage and hatred. His
hand was steady, pointing the gun at James, who tried in vain to keep me in
front of him. Manuel lifted his chin standing still.
        “Let her go, James, or I shall drop
you where you stand.”
you shoot me, she’s dead.” He put the gun up against my head.
be so sure of that, Doctor.”
       I could hear panic rising in James’
voice. His breath coming in fast gulps, hot on my neck. “Drop your gun.
I’ll let her go if you drop your gun!”
       “Do you take me for a complete fool?
You drop your gun and I’ll give you a head start to the gate to run like the
cowardly cur you are. Stand away from her now.”
hand holding the weapon was beginning to falter. I summoned all my resolve and
slammed my elbow into his ribs, stamped on his foot and hit him in his private
parts as hard as I could with both my fists
       He gasped for breath, falling to the
ground, dropping his gun. Manuel kept him covered while I jumped out of reach.
All I could think of was getting away, returning to the safety of my home, of
Manuel’s arms. I was in a panic, terrified! Then I saw the man behind Manuel,
musket raised like a club, the sailor who had met James.
       Manuel couldn’t get a shot off in time,
but caught the blow of the musket with his pistol stock, forcing the man away
from him. They grappled for what seemed hours, but was only a few seconds.
Unfortunately, neither of us watched James. He lunged for his pistol, grabbing
it before I could warn Manuel. I could do nothing to stop him. I was too far
away. I tried to scream, to alert Manuel in some way, but the sound caught in
my throat.
and the sailor turned just as James raised his gun to shoot. James’ shot caught
the other man in the back, the bullet slamming through him as if he were jelly.
The echo in the stone courtyard was deafening. Then they fell!
Dear God, he’s been shot!” I screamed to no one.
       The other fellow was dead, but Manuel was
still moving. I ran to be by his side, but James grabbed my hair again and
dragged me away! The last I saw, Manuel was lying in a pool of blood, his life
draining from him and I could do nothing!

Lone Wolf – sci-fi adventure at its best! The year is 3032 and mankind has expanded far beyond Earth’s galaxy. Matilda Dulac is a member of the Galactic Mining Guild. With her lover, Marc Slatterly, she works in a small mining ship in deep space. Their well ordered life if suddenly thrown into chaos when one miner arrives with a load of Trimagnite, a highly toxic liquid ore. Enter the Lone Wolf. Wil VanLipsig, known as the Lone Wolf, arrives to take the Trigmagnite off their hands. Is it a coincidence for him to show up on Marc’s ship years after Marc thought he’d killed Wil? Or is this the beginning of something far more insidious? The Lone Wolf is book in a new science fiction series by Dellani Oakes.

Teague McMurtry spent the last six
years of his life in the Army. Finally having enough of killing, he comes home,
thinking he’s put the nightmare behind him. When he meets beautiful and sultry
Vivica Rambo, he thinks his life is taking a turn for the better.
Little does Teague know that he’s
been targeted for death by a violent biker gang led by Vivica’s psychotic older
brother. Now Teague must put his skills to the test to protect himself and the
woman he loves.
Contact Information~
Dellani Oakes WordPress site
Dellani’s Choice Book Reviews
Look for Dellani
Oakes on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter & Good Reads, among others.


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