Review of “Naughty Hot Shots – The Girl Next Door” – Abby Hayes

Title: Naughty Hot Shots – The Girl Next Door

Author: Abby Hayes

Genre: Erotic, Bi-Sexual, MMF, Female Domination, Kink, Light BDSM

Publisher: Naughty Nights Press

Pages: 20

Release Date: March 2nd 2013

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Book Description:

What woman could say no to two sexy as hell, bisexual and experimental men asking her to join them? What happens when they want her to dominate them both in their new found sexual games?

Having run from vicious rumors her ex spread about their deviant sex life back home, when Mandy moves into her new apartment she is surprised to so quickly and easily strike up a conversation with the man next door who offers to help her carry in a few boxes.

She is even more surprised, though, when they have her over for dinner, to learn Mike and his roommate, Kyle, have been experimenting with their own sexuality, with each other, and want her to join in on the fun and games.

When given the opportunity to play the dominant in their sexual games, should she take the golden opportunity or just walk away?


I’m sure many readers are going to be jealous of not only Mandy, but also Mike and Kyle. She met two sexy men who allowed her to be her true self in the bedroom. Meanwhile they met a woman whom captivated them in and out of the bedroom. 
I will say the jump from “Hello” to “We want you.” was quick, but hey, some people don’t beat around the bush and go for what or whom they want. 
Like Kyle, I’m looking forward to what Mandy has planned for an encore. 

Heart rating system – 1 (lowest) and 5 (highest)

Score: ❤❤❤❤

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