Review of “The MacCarrick Brothers Trilogy” – Kresley Cole

 Book description:

Can a Highlander steal his enemy’s bride and make her love him?

High in the Pyrenees, a band of mercenaries led by Courtland MacCarrick wages war for General Reynaldo Pascal. When Court turns on the brutal general, Pascal orders him killed. Court narrowly escapes and exacts revenge by kidnapping Pascal’s exquisite Castilian fiancée.

Noble heiress Annalía Tristán Llorente despises her towering, barbaric captor almost as much as she does Pascal. Her inexplicable attraction to the Highlander only fuels her fury. Yet nothing will stop her from returning to Pascal—for if she doesn’t wed him, she signs her brother’s death warrant, as well as her own.

From the moment Court discovers that Anna’s prim façade masks a fiery, brave lass, his heart’s ensnared and he dares to defy the curse that has shadowed his life—to walk with death or walk alone. But Pascal vows that he’ll hunt the two, never stopping until he’s destroyed them both. If they survive, can this hardened soldier of fortune convince the only woman he’s ever loved that she’s meant to be his?


I love Anna’s feisty attitude. She rarely censored her mouth and only chose her words carefully around Pascal. I don’t blame her though. For a time, he held her brother’s life in his hands. 
Court: He might’ve not said it aloud but I’m sure he was thinking “What the bloody hell” on several occasions when trying to “handle” Anna. She kept the Scot on his toes and I enjoyed it greatly. 

Heart rating system – 1 (lowest) and 5 (highest) Score: ❤❤❤❤


Book description:

How much temptation can a Highlander resist?

He tried to run …

In his youth, Hugh MacCarrick foolishly fell in love with a beautiful English lass who delighted in teasing him with her flirtatious ways. Yet he knew he could never marry her because he was a second son with no prospects, shadowed by an accursed family legacy. To avoid temptation, Hugh left home and trained as an assassin.
She tried to forget him …

Jane Weyland was devastated when the Highlander she believed would marry her abandoned her instead. Years later, when Hugh MacCarrick is summoned to protect her from her father’s enemies, her heartache has turned to fury—but her desire for him has not waned.
Will passion overwhelm them?

In hiding, Jane torments Hugh with seductive play. He struggles to resist her because of deadly secrets that could endanger her further. But Hugh is no longer a gentle young man—and toying with the fever-pitched desires of a hardened warrior will either get Jane burned … or enflame a love that never died.


In the second installment of the MacCarrick Brothers’ trilogy, Kresley’s heroine was once again a sensual, beautiful, and crafty virgin who used her powers of seduction to tempt, and keep on tempting, Mr. Hugh MacCarrick.

Since they shared a past, Jane knew her flirty ways would not be truly ignored. Hugh did hold out much longer than I think most men would’ve in his position. 

My only negative critique, I wish she’d utilized Grey more in the story. For being the villain, he felt more like an afterthought to me. Maybe Kresley didn’t want to put too much focus on him but since Hugh and Jane were brought back together because of the threat of Grey’s retaliation against her father and Hugh himself, my opinion is he needed to be more prominent on the pages.

Heart rating system – 1 (lowest) and 5 (highest) Score: ❤❤❤❤

Book description:
Can a ruthless Highlander ever learn to love … ?

Burning vengeance …

Ethan MacCarrick was a heartbreakingly handsome rake until a powerful nobleman ordered him brutally beaten and his face scarred for a crime he didn’t commit. Ethan’s reprisal—bankrupting the nobleman and forcing his exile—does little to appease his wrath. Ten years later, a haughty, mysterious beauty enchants Ethan—the daughter of his enemy. At last, Ethan will have the revenge he’s craved; he’ll promise her marriage, seduce her, then cast her aside.
Bitter hardships …

When Madeleine Van Rowen’s family was suddenly plunged into destitution and dishonor, she steeled herself against further heartache. She never weakened, never trusted, until a towering, scarred Highlander relentlessly pursues her, breaking down her defenses.
At what price forgiveness?

The passion between them burns hotter than Ethan’s fury, and soon he finds he can’t let her go. But when Madeleine uncovers the truth about him, can Ethan convince her to accept all he now offers—when he once destroyed everything she had?


In the prior two stories, Ethan was pretty much an ass. It wasn’t until this story we find out why. Dang, if I’ve been wrongly accused of a heinous act and tortured, I’d probably be a surly person too. 

Maddie: I felt sorry for the poor girl. Every since she was a child, luck wasn’t on her side. Like Ethan, she was scarred both physically and emotionally. This truly made them the perfect couple  because finding each other, falling in love, healed those emotional wounds. The physical ones weren’t of importance. 

As Michael Bolton famously sang…….

Love is a wonderful thing
Make ya smile through the pouring rain
Love is a wonderful thing
I’ll say it again and again
Turn your world into one sweet dream
Take your heart and make it sing
Love, love is a wonderful thing

Please forgive my cheesy moment but his lyrics truly did pop into my head as I wrote the review. 

Heart rating system – 1 (lowest) and 5 (highest) Score: ❤❤❤❤

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