Interview with Megan Slayer

Welcome, Megan Slayer. 
For those who might not
be familiar with you, would you be a dear and tell the readers a little about
yourself? How did you get your start in the writing business?

(M) Thanks
for having me! I love all things blue, racing and Jeeps. I got my start in the
writing business because my best friend asked me to join her blog. She’d been
writing with pals and they wanted another person. I joined and she encouraged
me to keep writing. So… I did.
All writers fear the dreaded “block”. Please
tell us how you handle it.

(M) Music! I pump the tunes that
originally inspired the story and let them play on a continuous play list. The
more times I listen to the tunes, the more the story tends to flow. If that
fails, then I take a break. Get away from it for a while and just hang out. The
time away tends to energize the characters to want to talk.

Contrary to what some people envision about a
romance writer’s life, it’s not all glitz and glam. Well not for the majority
of us. With that bubble sadly busted, when you’re not writing, how to do you
spend your time?

(M) The most important thing I do is be Mom to my
totlet. Whether that means taking him places (he can’t drive yet) or helping
with homework, I’m mom. DH and I go to races. I love watching the cars sling
around on dirt. I like to paint and draw, too.

I know many writers, such as Dirk and myself,
keep their pastime/career a secret. Do those close to you know you write? If
so, what are their thoughts?
(M) My family is my biggest encouragement for
my writing. DH took over maintenance of my website and he reads all my work. My
family reads them and tells their friends about what I write. They don’t love
everything I write, but they encourage me to keep doing what I love.
Will you share with us your all time favorite
authors? If you’re like me, it’s a long list so give us your top ten.

(M) My all time favorite is KA Mitchell. I love
her MM romances. So realistic and I feel like I’m right there with the

If you could choose one book to go to the big
screen, yours or otherwise, which book would you choose and whom would you love
see casted in the parts?
(M) I’d love to see Fire Woman go to the big
screen. There’s so much more that can be done with Atria and Zac. Plus I love
them. She’s snarky and he’s strong and more or less silent. I’d have Gerard
Butler play Zac. He’s one of the inspirations for Zac anyway. Atria? Hmm…
She’d be Drew Barrymore with dark hair.

Would you care to tell us what you’re working on
now? That is if it’s not top-secret information. If so, just whisper it in my
ear. I swear it’ll go no further.

(M) I’m working on the next in my Challenge
series. I’ve written a set of short stories for Razors Edge Press that all
focus on a Challenge—hands on
the glass naked, wait with ropes on, perform to the neighbors, stuff like that.
The next one has to do with triplets.

Where can we find your stories and is there a
particular reading order?
(M) Fire
starts the Glow
.  Then comes Wrapped
Air I Breathe
, Down
to Earth
, Here
Without You
and Wild
and Christmas
. The next in the series is upcoming. 
All titles can be found at Changeling Press, Amazon, BN and AllRomance

The challenges series currently has two
titles in it: Make
and Show
. These can be read in any order. 
Make Me is available at Amazon,
, and AllRomance

Would you please share how your present and
future fans can contact you?
(M) Here’s my vital stats:
Newsletter sign up: 
I love hearing from fans! J
we wrap up this enlightening interview, do you have anything else you’d like to
share? The stage is all yours.
(M) I love fan input. Is there one of my
stories you’d love to have a sequel? Want to hear more from one of the worlds?
Let me know! I read and answer every email from my fans and readers. Thanks for
taking the time to read my work and all the reviews.

There you have it, ladies and gents. I want to again thank Megan for stopping by and I look forward to your next visit on March 1st. *smiles* 

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  1. Thanks for having me. Always fun to hang out with friends!

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