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say an apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, for me, that’s true. I live in the
same rural village in the county of Essex where I was born.  I am the
youngest brother to three wonderful sisters, who have supported my every
whim.  Since I left my local high school in the late 80’s, I have
qualified to be a Cabinetmaker, Carpenter, Bricklayer, and Electrician and in
Sports massage.  I’ve been a member of the Territorial Army, worked in an
export warehouse, managed an Australian plant nursery and worked for a big
housing developer. Until I decided, I needed to be my own boss and became
self-employed.  Self-employment, for me, can mean long lonely day and
thanks to the development of the iPod, listening to stories helps pass the
time. I have and still do, listen to everything and anything, from the
classics, to Sci-fi, fantasy to erotica. I can’t help it, I can listen for ten
hours a day, six days a week, so that’s a lot of literature.  Through
sourcing authors, I was luckily enough to be offered a position to try my hand
at writing, and that, in turn, led, me to writing short stories.  What the
future hold, I can’t possible say, but,  luckily for me, I have a
wonderful supportive wife and  son who keep me grounded.

Cameron Part One, first book in The Pit Series!
October 2012

Cameron Flint and his
close friends—twin brothers Harvey and Hamilton—co-own an exclusive BDSM club
on the Kings Road in Knightsbridge. Cameron, a Dominant in his late thirties,
has been searching unsuccessfully for a submissive to meet his sadistic needs.

Natalie is Forced to trade the only keepsake remaining from her former life in
order to survive. Desperation and a deep seated fear lands her at the doorstep
of an unassuming building.

When a chance meeting explodes into a full showdown of wills, nothing will ever
be the same again…

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Cameron Part Two, second book in The Pit Series!
January 2013

A random chance, followed
by a bad choice lead Natalie Darrow into the arms of the formidable part-owner
of The Pit, Cameron Flint. A passion ignites as their journey continues. When
they delve into the black market, a web of deceit and lies unfold with
devastating consequences.

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HDP Christmas anthology, Naughty Not Nice which has
my Hansel and Gretel Story included:

Hansel and Gretel By
Edward Taylor
When Gretchen the witch adds a little magical spice to the bake of her
decorative gingerbread house, two employees at the Ducklings Nursery steal a
taste and they are transported into her magical world where they have to face a
challenge to escape.
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Splinter’s Heart February 2013

Edward Tailor and Kassandra Cox 

Deliciously hot vampire, Denver, lived fast and furiously, skirting on the edge of danger.

Unhappy and unfulfilled, Fiona is the vampire dentist being held captive by her sire.

When circumstances and a broken fang intervene, a force to be reckoned with snowballs the two of them into an inferno of lust and desire, but Fiona’s brutal sire has other ideas. Will Denver save her in time, or will his true mate be lost to him forever?

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  1. Fantastic Showcase. I love Edward's books as well as yours, Kam and Dirk! Love how you showcase other authors!

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