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I was born in South Yorkshire in England and moved to south west Scotland more than twenty years ago. I retired from teaching a few years ago and spent my time reading, sewing, cooking and gardening. I decided that there ought to be more to retirement than that.
Reading has always played a large part in my life and the house is full of books. My youngest son challenged me to write a novel of my own and “Initiation” book one in the “Prometheus in Chains” series was the result.
I found that writing suddenly took over my life. Now, with a head full of Doms and subs, I love to spend a few hours a day writing or researching. Retirement has certainly delivered a lot more.
I go nowhere without a pencil and notebook and my poor long suffering husband has got used to having to sit in the car with me, waiting until the notes are finished before we can go and do the shopping.
I believe the world has enough sadness in it and my characters will always get their HEA even if the road is rocky.
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The Locket : The Rotherham Hall Mysteries Book 1
Initiation : Prometheus in Chains Book 1
Master Eric’s Virgin Sub: Prometheus in Chains Book 2



Fiona is Running from her violent ex-boyfriend. When she stopped to visit her best friend she never expected to find love with Masters Alexander and Ruari in a BDSM club.

Fiona’s ex is determined to make her regret leaving him. He stalks her and attacks her but is thwarted in his first attempt to get her back by her two Doms. He tries again but he falls into a trap before he can harm her and is dealt some of his own medicine.

Fiona loves Alexander and Ruari but has not said it. She does not know if they can love her with her mental and physical scars so she must face losing them. They have other ideas which will lead to a HEA.



After the collaring ceremony, Jane Browne and Angus Scott go on holiday to Southern Spain, and the adjustment begins. Jane is fast regaining her confidence, and they are falling more deeply in love every day. 

All is not plain sailing, as when they return, they discover Emma has encountered some danger of her own. Jane loses her temper and challenges Master Angus and his nephews, who are Doms. To avoid losing face, Angus is forced to punish her. After seeing how much he disliked having to punish her, will Jane forgive him? 

Then Jane overhears a beautiful woman claim Angus is her love, and she flees. Will Angus lose her when this woman from his past tries to claim him? Can Jane and Angus overcome their difficulties and learn to live together at last?



Five years ago Llewellyn Morgan left and took up a training job in Wales to repay a debt of honour. He uncollared Gloria Jessops then, and almost broke her heart. Now he is back and wants to take up where he left off, and he wants a family with her. She is still in love with him and wants to be his slave, but he has a hard time convincing her he will not leave her again.

Just as she begins to believe that all will be well, a man gives her some pictures he has taken of her and Llewellyn in their lovemaking and tries to blackmail her. What will happen when Llewellyn discovers her looking at the photos?
Gloria has a special birthday present for her Master, but Llewellyn has a surprise of his own.

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