Rave reviews!

I’m thrilled to announce we have our first reviews on Amazon. Keep reading on to find out why I’m smiling from ear to ear.

“This was my first read by Dirk Tyler and I have to say I loved it.Very hot story and I would definitely read it again.”

“A really sexy,sensual read. I liked the honesty and openness that finally managed to make it to the forefront. I don’t give up spoilers – just a hot, short story to enjoy again and again.”

“One of my favorite Kameron Brook stories to date.
I’m a huge fan of this writer and always enjoy her stories.
A definite must read from this author.”

“Hot, hot, hot!!

New Beginnings will hold your attention from beginning to end. A very good story and there is one hell of a steamy scene. A must read.”

All three stories also received five stars at Barnes and Noble. Thank you to those who  rated us. You’ve made my day! 

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