Sunday Shout-Out

Dirk and I would like to publicly thank BadBarb for posting a stellar review of “Voyeur”.  Barb is not only a sweet and funny ass lady, but she also runs a pretty kick ass blog. You should check it out. *smiles* 

Below, I shared the review from her blog. However, when and if you click on her link above, you’ll find more reviews of other stories and possibly your next read. Again I say, check out her blog.

To Barb, thank you again for reading his panty soaking tale and showcasing him on your FB wall and blog. Much love! 

“Voyeur is smokin hot. No other word to describe it. Nate and Brooke are a happily married couple who love to enjoy each other and others with them as well. While on a business trip Nate meets Jay and feels an immediate connection. Not wanting to leave Brooke out of the fun, he takes Jay to his room and the three of them spend a night that neither will ever forget.

I quite simply loved VOYEUR from the first word to the last. In some ways VOYEUR is like the cognac that Nate likes to drink. It should be savored and dragged out as long as you can. Also you may need to get a cold shower afterwards. Just saying. But I can already tell this is going to be something I am going to be reading more then once, maybe 5 more times? maybe more?

Click on the link below the cover and go buy your copy. It will help warm you up on the upcoming cold nights ahead.”

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