About Me

Over the past years, I've worn many hats in the literary field: writer, content editor, reviewer, promoter, etc. 

FYI - A couple of my short stories are still out there for your pleasure (see published books page). I hope you check them out. 

Now though, I've decided to move back into the world of reviewing and promoting authors. It's a "job' I truly love. I mean, who wouldn't want to read books in all their spare time. *grins* 

To learn more about what you can expect to see on my blog, please keep reading this section. 

Showcase and interview information

If you'd like to be showcased on my blog with either a story release or in an interview, please send me a message. I'll gladly dedicate a posting or two to you. Also, if you'd like for me to read and give an honest review of your creation then don't hesitate to drop me a line. 

FYI: I love my paperbacks. Yes, I'm old school. PO Box address is available for interested parties. :)

However, do not contact me if you write about any of the following:

  • pedophilia
  • bestiality
  • necrophilia
  • rape for arousal
  • scat
  • incest
  • urine play

All reviews will be shared on Amazon, Pinterest, Goodreads, and Facebook. 


In regards to the images posted, I will do my best to link over to the site/source from which they are borrowed. In cases where no source is sited, I will leave it blank. However, if anyone knows the source for me to credit, please supply me the information. I will gladly update the blog post and give credit where credit is due.